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  1. Thanks for the advice everyone. I think I will try a combination of all of your suggestions. Wish me luck!
  2. My 1 yo BC is not the least bit interested in treats as a reward. I have tried everything including chicken and liver. She has learned and obeys many commands but really doesn't care if she is rewarded with food or not. So this is great when we are indoors....however getting her attention when we are outside is another matter. She loves to play with toys and I have tried to use her favorites to get her attention as well, but when she is outside EVERYTHING is more interesting to her than treats, toys or me! Obviously my goal is to get her to focus on me when there are distractions but I have no
  3. Hi all. I am new to BC Boards. What a great site! I am hoping to get some advice on how to stop my one year old BC from fixating on cars. When I take her for a walk she gets down and does the "BC belly crawl" whenever a car passes. I tell her "no" and try to pull her up with the leash, but she acts like she doesn't even know I am there. She is completly focused on the car. After the car passes she gets up and walks normally. I am at a loss on how to correct this behavior. I understand that she is hard-wired to stalk and chase everything that moves, but this is just embarrassing. She just tur
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