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  1. Thank you all for the replies. I am located in the northwest corner of Alabama (Florence). If anyone knows of a trainer nearby, that would be great. I am using the Holstein steers because I couldn't locate any dog-broke cattle nearby for sale, and Holsteins seemed to be the closest equivalent. I considered goats, but there are several reasons I haven't bought any: I don't know much about goats, I don't have a pen that can contain goats, and there are many coyotes in the woods here. The coyotes kill goats unless the goats are sharing a pen with cattle. If the goats are in the same pen as ca
  2. I am trying to train my 1.5 year old female Border Collie to work cattle. I have no prior stockdog training experience. My problem is related to (a lack of) biting. The dog does not bite heels. She doesn't recognize the heel as a target. She only shows interest in light nipping at a calf's head. I purchased 3 gentle 450 lb. Holstein calves for training this dog. My herd cattle are somewhat unfriendly, so I was advised to use comparatively docile milk cows for dog training. The calves were not dog-broke. The calves quickly learned that if they turn their bodies away from the dog,
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