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  1. Thanks everyone! Super helpful, it will be a while before we get the puppy since I am being patient and getting from a good breeder, so in the meantime here is a pic of our current spoiled child who will be learning to share the attention.
  2. Looking for advice and experience, I'm planning to get a male Border Collie puppy, and while I understand and accept all the pros and cons of the breed, I am unclear how my older dog will handle a BC puppy. She is a 7 year old corgi mix (taller) and shares a lot of the personality traits of Border Collies in that she is super smart, needs a lot of stimulation and attention, and is a one person dog who hates when I leave her alone. She is still active but not terribly fast and obviously won't have the same endurance as a BC puppy. Has anyone brought home a puppy to an older BC that i
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