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  1. I have a BC and know nothing about hearding. I excited to learn reading your blog. Thanks for writing. Matt.
  2. So Quigley got to play in the back yard off the leash today - it been a full two weeks of rest. She loved it and I loved it too. No limp! Yeah. I'm very happy and thankful to all who offered advice in regards to her limp. No worries out there I will bring her back slow. Short walks and letting her play on her own as her wants only. No 3-4 mile bike rides or hour long fetch games for several months. Thanks again, Matt
  3. "Sometimes it makes more sense to me to describe a condition using commonly understood terms, rather than more scientific terms. " I completely agree. Patients and families are much more likely to understand terms like ear infection than acute supportive otitis media. But sometimes the big words are fun to say. Matt
  4. J. So it's not just dog I don't know much about, it's also nation states in Africa. If Jovi would have said Kwashiorkor I would have know what she was talking about. Quigley still looks thin and I know she should. She had hook and tape worms when she came to is 2.5 months ago. They were treated immediately, but we had a recurrence of the tape worm. She's been free of the tape worms for at least 1 month. We are watching her size closely. The next bag will be the adult formula.
  5. Jovi. I don't know what a Biafran dog is. Please tell, I'm a new to this dog stuff as you know. Next bag will be the adult formula.
  6. Quigley 43# gets 1 3/4 cups of Taste of the Wild pacific wild stream puppy formula twice a day. She also gets a number of training treats and PB in her Kong when she going to be in the Crate for a while. She's growing well 7 1/2 months old with a nice shiny smooth coat. No gas and nice solid easy to pick up stools.
  7. Quigley update. No limp for one week. She been graduated from crate rest to house rest. 2 more days and we will let her frolic in the back yard. My wife and the kids have been good about keeping her strictly on the lease when outside and it's paying off. I'm hopeful that we are healing. We'll go back to activity slowly. No running til she at least one though.
  8. I just got a BC from a shelter and I feel like I won the lottery. I was concerned about being able to provide the mental and physical stimulation I read they need. My daughter wanted one - she thinks BCs are cool and cute. So after visiting a few shelters we found a 5 month old beautiful smooth coat BC, and i couldn't say no. She is very submissive, listens well, and she's incredibly intelligent. She rarely barks. In about 2 months she knows more than 10 commands. She's found trouble - rarely. She only needs to be told not to do something once and then she never goes back to it. She likes to "herd" or chase bugs - but not the kids. Before I hurt her shoulder from too much exercise she was staying out of her crate while we were gone (up to about 4 hours) and no problems at all. Now she did come with shelter dog problems - pneumonia, hook and tape worm. Which has cost us about $1200 or so for her vet bill. You will hopefully side step that with the rescue dog. I can't even know for sure my dog is a BC- I think she's one, and I'd get another one in a heartbeat. In fact, my wife has already caught me looking. I should probably wait a year or so though. I say - go for it!
  9. Hi Lindsey, I'm new to the board too. My dogs name is Quigley. She about 7-8 months old. Matt
  10. Here's is the latest on Quigley. We are 7 days into crate rest for a soft tissue injury to the left front leg. I haven't seen the limp now for three days for which I'm very thankful. No worries out there, we will complete the full two weeks of rest. I'm am very happy to see the limp gone though. During the little bit of time she has out of the crate she's been learning new tricks. In four days she's mastered come around, play dead, roll over, and shake. She already knows sit, stay, come, let it go, and she obeys nearly every time. I'm so amazed at this dog, she is incredible. I've had two other dogs in my life and I could get them to sit sometimes, and maybe stay for a few seconds if they were tired. They never came to me unless I had food, had just come home, or I had thier leash in my hand. But Quigley really makes me feel like I know what I'm doing. Any advice on next tricks/commands for her. No sheep for her to herd here in our suburban home. I'd like to teach her to catch a frisbee, but won't do that til she's 15-18 months. Now she's about 7-8 months. Thanks for all the wonderful advice out there - it's golden to those of us with less dog sense. Matt
  11. Here is a Quigley update for those interested. Crate rest is going OK. She gets her food and some peanut butter in her Kong and loves that. My wife still feels bad about her being stuck in there. Honestly, that is my biggest obstacle - but I had her read your replies and she's coming around. She is definitely limping less this am with her poop walk and that is great. Taking her anti inflammatory is no trouble. She's learned to play dead and will occasionally roll all the way over on command. Thanks for all the thoughts and advice from everyone. We are all grateful for it. Matt
  12. OK, so I've made it 24 hours on crate rest for Quigley. She gets a short poop walk. We walk past about 5 houses slowly with her feet in the grass. Then she gets to eat and we lay on the floor for several minutes. We do some tricks and put her back in the crate. Or I should say I try to put her back in the crate. Usually she is good about going to her crate but now she gives me those sad eyes and then my wife says "does she really need to go to her crate - this is crazy." Any thoughts on crate rest vs. house rest? I will admit she can play pretty hard on our tile floors. I'm thinking I've got to tell my wife the crate rest is what we need to do even if we feel sad for her in there. Goodness, Quigley was at the shelter with 100 other crazy barking dogs just 2 months ago - how can it be so hard for us to put her in the crate with a few toys. Thanks for the advice, matt
  13. That's hard for me to believe. Growing up in the US and not seeing a sheep. I guess i can imagine it being possible. My experience is Oregon, California, Utah, and Texas. I've never had to go far to find a petting zoo with goats and sheep. After reading what I've written, I'm imagining that anyone who read this is thinking, "Does this weirdo plan his activities around petting zoos with sheep and goats?" I never thought I did, but they seem to be at all the events I go to. Matt
  14. Wow, thanks J, Ruth, and Sue. I appreciate you telling me what I need to hear. Knowledge is important to being a good owner and this forum is a great resource for it. We will be putting her in the crate with some stimulating toys for the time being. I don't know if its going to be harder for the dog or for me.
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