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  1. I am 99% sure a BC must be born outside the US to be accepted into AKC based on ISDS registration. I don't think a US born, ISDS registered BC would get in. Julia, Interesting point. I don't know about that at all. Does AKC really look at where a pup is born? Or just the pedigree they come in with? I wonder where to look to find out though. I'll see what I can find. Karen
  2. I was not trying to get at anything other than the fact that with the new agreement the ABCA can be cut out entirely and pups can come to the AKC with ISDS numbers from ABCA parents. I guess I don't understand where a lawsuit could arrise though. Is registering with ABCA a "right"? What if they folded? I myself don't agree with what they went with as for de-registering. It won't stop the flow, won't be retroactive (from what I've been told) and unless ISDS agrees to not register or de-register what's the point? While the committee had many suggestions this result came from out of the blue and I find it ironic that it coincides with the agreement with ISDS. Maybe instead of re-inventing the wheel we should have followed ISDS example on how they handle KC registered dogs. Eileen, even with a ISDS dog with an AKC number & champion, people know ABCA won't accept "that pedigree" but they will accept the ISDS one for registration. I just don't see how all of this will be enforced. Karen
  3. Karen, they would be in AKC already, or they wouldn't have show championships, and would not have been de-registered from ABCA (or refused registration by ABCA). I just don't get your point. This is not a method of keeping dogs out of AKC -- there is no way to do that as long as AKC keeps the stud book open. This is a way of getting show dogs out of the ABCA. Eileen, when the AKC closes the books, they will not close for ISDS dogs. With the new agreement with ABCA and ISDS the pups from an ABCA sire/dam can be registered with ISDS and then get into AKC. So, if a litter is ISDS registered, via an ABCA sire/dam they will get into AKC, can get a champion, and no adverse effects from ABCA even though the sire/dam were/are ABCA since the litter went via ISDS. Now, with a ISDS dog can't they in turn get an ABCA number via their ISDS registration (which went round the world to get there) hence you could now have an ISDS registered pup with an AKC champion get a ABCA number based on the reciprocal agreement all ready in place. Karen
  4. I'm not sure I understand your exact scenario here, however. For a dog/bitch to become a show champion, s/he must already be registered with the AKC. Therefore his/her offspring are already entitled to AKC registration -- they don't need to go through ISDS to get it They need ISDS to get into AKC though. If a ABCA registered Sire has a litter, they can then be registered with ISDS (and appropriate paperwork) and then they can be registered with AKC. No reciprocal necessary between ISDS and AKC. This then allows a ABCA registered dog to have offspring with "champions" in AKC and there is no recourse with ABCA since they were by passed and ISDS was used. But I suppose there is no fool proof or safe method to keep the working and show dogs separate. Karen
  5. While I applaud the ABCA for it's stance against the AKC show collie I am left with many questions after reading the letter and the news about reciprocal registrations between ISDS and ABCA. If ISDS isn?t verifying with ABCA the registration of a dog/bitch when accepting litter registration how will they know if ABCA has or hasn?t de-registered them? I was left with the ?impression? from AKC that they will accept ISDS papers as part of their ?foreign? registry process forever without a reciprocal agreement. So what?s to stop the show person from registering a litter with ISDS and then going into AKC? This loophole circumvents the reason for ABCA to de-register to begin with. A new pup goes through and gets ISDS papers, goes into AKC, gets a championship ? was never registered with ABCA to begin with??..but the sire and dam were. Defeats the purpose imo. Karen
  6. Since breeding for conformation is not consistent with the goals of a working registry, any dog or bitch named "Conformation Champion" by a conformation registry after 1-1-04 is not eligible for ABCA registration. If they are already ABCA registered,they will be deregistered by ABCA. Will this be retroactive for all offspring as well? Say, Sire & Dam are de-registered, will "all" offspring from them be as well? Karen
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