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  1. Is what normal? That a 13 mo needs supervision, yes. That you have his day so regimented, no. He's still a pup and from the sounds of it he's had minimal life exposures. Take time to acclimate him to the world, a world he's never seen and world that's been turned upside down by being moved in with you. Let him investigate and learn, on his own pace. Take him places and allow him to sit on the peripheral and learn, see, take in all around him. Take time. I am not and never have been a fan of drugging dogs. Training, consistent training and behavior modification needs to happen first. Take time. Good Luck!
  2. Journey


    I am so sorry to read this. I completely understand and wish you well. Know you gave him the best gift ever, unconditional love.
  3. They did. However, I have some 20" and 18", as well as larger. If my 18" carried 40# she'd be fat, if she carried 35# she'd be fat..so, just going on written word, which hopefully is off..I still stand behind what I've said. A 16 mo 18" high 40# dog, is extremely overweight imo.. We need pictures!
  4. The spine runs between the wither's. You are not going to have much if any difference in height. Unless of course you are measuring at the loin... But I seriously doubt that's going to give you inches in difference. A 40 pound 16 month old that measures 18" in height sounds extremely over weight, imo.
  5. With no other info given..40 pounds on a 18" frame sounds extremely overweight to me...especially in a 16 mo pup.
  6. Like you read in previous threads, make sure the vax you are getting is for the strains in your area. Any dog can have a reaction to any vax.
  7. I would read the same, cute video, thanks!
  8. You may be confused as you we're gone a few days. Keep an eye on things, document it when you can and adjust the protocol accordingly. By documenting, you can see a pattern, if there is one, or what the trigger may truly be.
  9. if you are going to stay with a physical correction, might I recommend you use a cheek or neck scruff instead of a slap. It's hard to convey on the internet precisely what you mean but the conjecture of the word triggers many A scruff otoh gets their attention and can be adjusted depending on the situation.
  10. Nope. Outside he has the freedom to act and self entertain. While technically this is stopping the behavior, it's not teaching him anything.
  11. Gabe sounds like a brat trying to take over. Remind him who is in charge. No more lap time, when he is fully grown you will not appreciate it! Any inkling of him looking at Dotty sideways, place him in a crate. You have to protect Dotty while at the same time teaching Gabe what is and isn't acceptable. Remove him from the situation before it becomes an issue. When feeding, feed Gabe in his crate. That way when he's done he cannot go bother Dotty.
  12. I can only suggest you fence off the areas you *don't want her in*. All dogs will generally pick a spot and use it continually if it is kept clean. Could it be *her* garden wasn't clean and she didn't want to go in that area?
  13. She peed on it. She doesn't *need* it, you do. So put it in bed with you!
  14. by the time your brain computes to you to click your mouth has already spit it out..hands and verbal I find are much more readily accepted - and you always have them with you.. I would simply not allow him to get in this state of mind. Place the collar in your hand, he can't lunge then, and simply hold him by it, while in a sit, until the other party has moved off to where he can win - behave. Slowly reduce the tension on the collar as he improves. It takes time, lots of time. You can also, while holding his collar teach him this a good thing. Hold collar, treat, take hold with other hand, treat...So when you are holding his collar he cannot move and he doesn't feel it as a correction.
  15. Pancreatitis will do that! Hopefully the change up with meds and diet will improve her eating (or lack there of) habits. Purina EN is a great food..
  16. Good to differentiate the atmosphere @Littlesplash, if you can he can Glad to read you had a good session!
  17. There is nothing conducive whatsoever about taking your dog to a dog park. And your above sentence says it all. You are setting him up for failure, as you've witnessed, and this is going to be a problem all along due to the environment and over stimulation brought upon dogs at dog parks. Not all dogs get along nor should they. not all dogs listen there as you've experienced and no dog should be subjected to the chaos of a dog park.
  18. Do you reward him for coming to you when you call him? I don't care how old he is sounds like he needs some remedial training. Also, reward him and then tell him to go play again. Don't make the recall the end of everything all the time. As to the ball - get 2. Toss one and he has to let go of the first to get it, then make it a recall/fetch game, he can fetch only when he drops what is in his mouth. Backing up a bit though, have you taught him a release word to drop the ball? Out? Leave it? Again, I'd back up and reward the behavior in a training session, and try to get some good muscle memory going. Out, cookie, give it to him and repeat, so that whatever word you use is a positive reinforcement with a cookie for that behavior. Make sure you're not cheap with your rewards either...
  19. Thanks Eileen..that would explain why they apparently are desperately searching/seeking dogs diagnosed with it.
  20. Evidently there is new research beginning to locate the mutation for PRA. Odd though as I only know of a few dogs with actual PRA. With this being done through Wisdom I do have my doubts though, many of them... The former president of OptiGen (now owned by Wisdom) is leading this. Wasn't it Greg Acklund who wrote the paper saying there was no PRA in the breed? I can't locate anything else regarding this research though.. "If you have a Border Collie that has been diagnosed with PRA by a board-certified ophthalmologist and you would like to assist in the PRA research by submitting a sample, please send an email to: Susan.Pearce-Kelling@effem.com . Sue PK, formerly the president of OptiGen, one of the first DNA testing laboratories for inherited diseases in dogs, will follow up with you and provide the research form and instructions on submitting the sample."
  21. We use a sturdy piece of plywood on the back, store the guns up front, and have a crate fixed to the plywood. Only 1 at a time can go but..if you don't have one yet and only have 1 dog, life will be easy, for more dogs I prefer the mule and they tie out in the rear dump.
  22. Instead of drugs..why not try some Slippery Elm or Marshmallow Root, you can mix the 2 with Honey and give 3 or 4 tablespoons a day. This will calm the GI and help them want to eat.
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