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  1. Whoever she is she did a great job!
  2. It's only impossible to restrict him if you fail do to so. Surgery is generally the best option for future non issues. Mind games and puzzles are a good way to pass some of the time while restricted. I'd not ask a breeder for any help as it's not 100% genetic. Environmental influences come into play and a breeder has no control over what you allow your pup to do once it leaves their care.
  3. New research then with new dogs in Dr Lohi's lab? Why the need for more dogs?
  4. Just curious if the HEF by chance received any sort of update?
  5. Positive improvements are nice to see! Glad you found a food that is agreeing with him.
  6. This. Isn't it! Taking responsibility as well.
  7. 1 container of plain yogurt, 6 tablespoons of honey and I add 2 mashed up bananas, blend and pour in ice cube tray, freeze, there ya go..I refuse to let them crunch ice so i toss them these instead.
  8. Not necessarily expensive, more like messy. You don't want to give him huge bites, enough to grab his brain though! I do a honey/yogurt popsicle for mine, they adore honey..
  9. HVR - high volume reward. Yes, liverwurst is a gross, imo, type of sandwich meat I think I'd rather smear sardines on a door than smell liverwurst! I've placed the toenail clippers on ac vents, to keep the dogs off them, that's my negative to that behavior, it works. However, you're dealing with fear. Use a positive to redirect his behavior so you can get into his head and turn the bad to good. The vacuum would only exacerbate his angst so you have to make the excitement/arousal a positive. Anything that he absolutely adores, something like filet, to make him redirect, would be a HVR. You may have to go really big, with you out of the picture, to begin with, then you start slowly getting in the picture, offering it to him, once he is "thinking" instead of just reacting. Think outside the box as to what you use, dog cookies are not going to cut it! Squirt cheese, honey, steak..and don't be stingy!
  10. Most vets, worth their salt, don't approve of the grain free..glad you've found an alternative. Give it a good 90 days and see where he is then. I find if it's not going to work you'll see that quicker that if it is. I tried the grain free, could not keep weight on any of my dogs. 3 months and we went to a raw/dnc blend and have stayed there for most of the past 15 years.
  11. If you're not welcome at an obedience class you've chosen the wrong people. Go for it and do it his way. You don't necessarily have to participate, be there, stay in tune with him, do what he can, to succeed. Building, one step at a time. As to the door..go big, in a positive manner. Can the mail lady feed him treats? Not right away, but as a goal down the road. Can you put a HVR at the door? Even if you have to smear sardines on the door something that will distract him while "in" the high arousal environment and make it a positive vs a negative. Then slowly back the rewards up so a knock sends him flying to his "spot". You can't be cheap though with his rewards. Instead of grabbing for his collar, shove a lid of liverwurst in his nose..redirect to a positive behavior, rinse and repeat.. Nothing but good to say about the Fenzi classes!
  12. Ah, the reason I asked about color was I was wondering about CDA. Cute picture!
  13. Ah, as much as most want to get top of the line (whatever that is in their opinion)..I would recommend Purina. Pro Plan, Purina One, just a Purina brand though. They do the research, the testing and much more on their foods. Or, go raw. Most don't like raw, once you get used to it you won't go back to dry nasty crap He's a bit old for Demodex, I was thinking he was under a year. Could be but not likely. Another additive you could try is the Dinovite, I use it periodically when I think coats or condition is lacking. What color is Tucker? As to the behavioral issues at the vet...can you just go up there and work on desensitizing him? Make it a party to go there, daily if need be, and see if you can figure out what upset him and recondition it..
  14. Yeah, that kennel is bad news on every aspect, not just the color aspect, the horrendous environment, mass production, no one sees or picks up from house, etc... The skin issues most likely are due to his breeding. As to grain free, that's been a problem food for a few years now, glad your vet wants him off it! Short of running allergy test, you will need to try everything possible until you hit upon something that works. Don't think 2 weeks weeks will be enough, 30 days min would be my guess. Did they happen to check for Demodex? Just curious based on where you say the hair loss is. Good luck with helping him get better!
  15. You're really digging your own hole WHAT do you mean you saw him "walking at tractor suppy"? Seriously? You saw him away from home, never saw his home and his behavior there? You KNOW better..you've disregarded more red flags due to your "color" infatuation, as well as enabled a poor breeder. Is he neutered? Honestly, I'd say don't do it if he isn't. Is he health tested? Sire/Dam tested? Hips? Keeping the testosterone may help him with confidence, may not, but once gone you can't put it back... His good attributes sound nice. Deal with the issues, one by one as they present themselves, sounds like your making headway already. Baby steps, lots of them and going backwards only reinforces your foundation. Meds, I disagree with medicating until *all* other options have been given a fair shake, ALL. There are some behaviors that city dogs have to acclimate to and learn that I think are crazy, but, they can and will if they're capable. Farm dog vs. city dog is a straw man argument. Temperament. It's all about temperament, and that's inherited. Don't set him up to fail though, his default behavior will come shining through..good luck! Give him a good solid year, then take him to stock again. He has had his world turned upside down. Let him learn new things, acclimate, learn to recover and gain confidence. See how he does then, when you really *know* him. With all the change he has been faced with in the past few months, give him some time.
  16. @urge to herd she said in the OP that she got him in March the honeymoon time imo is past..
  17. Potential is a crap shoot with puppies and there is no way to know the final outcome based on exposure at 7 weeks, yes, I would call it a gimmick and generally an unsafe practice..ask yourself this though - if the person who recommended you to this *so called breeder* let their pup go, why go back? Why does a breeder have a year old untapped, untrained, untouched, yearling? And why would they tell a potential buyer anything negative? Yes, there is an acclimation period, 6 months later though that time period has long gone..what you see is what you get after a few months. The squirrellyness is him. You've been here and in the breed for long enough to know better. Like I said, I hope you can cope and help him.
  18. @Michael Parkeythough in mine and Amy's case it would be *deflation*
  19. Oh, good grief, the post above earned me a *conversation starter* badge and increased my rank to *rookie*...how do I make it go away?!
  20. What is this new *achievement* badge I saw on posts? Is there a way to get rid of it?
  21. The RTK kennels are very good as well. I have 4 and the only complaint I have is the ability to clean them out..they are not the easiest to hose out.
  22. Ok, you basically knew what you were getting to begin with. Be prepared to work, a lot, for a long time. Yes, I have taken older pups, over a year, and all I require is sound temperament. I knew, going in, the bloodline. I was not after *color*, rock solid and he always was. From day 1 he could go anywhere, off lead, be around anything, and we began to work within a month of his arrival. His temperament carried over to stock as well. He was my main dog for quite a while. He was well worth the wait and today I have relatives of his due to the temperament and ability. You bought for color. Hopefully you have the ability to help this dog. Treat him like the 8 week old pup and start at the beginning, the very beginning. Once they are sound sensitive they always will be and it will get worse with age. I wish you the best of luck. You enabled a color breeder unfortunately. What 7/8 week old pup would not have interest in stock? The curiosity of a pup should never be confused with ability or desire...
  23. If he is testing [positive for Lyme that is all you need for a case to try Doxy.
  24. I'm so sorry @Riverdog1..I do remember Rivendell.
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