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  1. Hi, I check in to this forum now and again as I have been dealing with a fear aggressive border collie for a year now. It is a lot of hard work and I feel like we still have so far to go but we have also come so far! Just today, I had him walking on a 50 foot lead around a park so he could make choices of where to go and feel "off leash" but we still had control. There were people around and he just stayed right with us, did what we said 100% of the time and never chose to focus on any of the people. When he was a puppy, he would run up to a person and bark and once he ran up and bit someo
  2. I thought I would give an update on our 15 month border collie. We got him from a small breeder at 9 weeks and within a week realized we had a dog with severe fear agression. He would growl at all strangers, lunge at people on walks, lunge at dogs, attack dogs if off leash, bite if touched by a stranger, and whine at the sight of a dog. We have gone down many different training methods and behavioral advice and education. I cant say we always made the best choices but we adjusted and changed when one approach was not working. - our first trainer was terrible. She couldnt reach my dog,
  3. Whiskey gets up around 7-ish and eats breakfast. He usually has morning energy and plays with our 7 year old Golden Retriever. I usually take him for a morning walk to get out some energy or sometimes he trots next to me on a slow bike ride. After the walk, he is usually content to play alone for a bit. Midday, he wants a snack so I put food in a puzzle ball that he has to nose around the house to get his food out. After that, we may do an activity which can vary from - playing ball, frisbee, doing obedience training, agility training, or letting him play in the sprinklers for an hour. H
  4. I found some old postings that suggested some people on this forum have used prozac with their BC. I was hoping to hear some stories about its effectiveness - how long until you saw results? How good were the results? Any details would be great. We have been working with a very fear aggressive BC puppy who is turning 6 months. He has been fear aggressive since we got him at 9 weeks. We have seen vets and 2 different trainers and done board and train to work on his fear aggression. The vet just put him on a low dose of Prozac and we are continuing with a very intense behavior modifica
  5. We got our BC pup with the hope it might be a service dog as well. If not, we were prepared for it to be our pet. We ended up with a very fearful BC puppy who is very afraid of people. He is 3 months old and although we have made progress, we went from fear on a scale of 1-10 at 10 to a 7, we still have a LONG way to go and I don't know if we can ever get him to a level where he could be a service dog. He is still a baby, so we will have to see. If you have any advice on training a BC with the goal of a service dog, I would love to hear it. He loves to learn and I thought this would be h
  6. I appreciate the advice. We are doing many of things mentioned although it may not always sound that way since I listed all the bad rather than the good. My philosophy has been to associate people / strangers with a positive reinforcement. However, when on a walk and he sees a person at some random distance and has a reaction, I cannot avoid that (those suggesting to avoid situations that he finds fearful) - we live in a world with people, he will see them and should see them or we won't make any progress. We also need to exercise him so we have to go to parks and go on walks so we see oth
  7. Interesting... as for "going too fast," we put things in high gear at the advice of the vet and dog trainer because of his age they said he had a window to become socialized and if we don't work on overcoming/reducing his fears during this window, we will lose that time and won't ever be able to get it back. They said it was important to maximize every opportunity in socialization especially over this next month with him. I would say their advice has been good since we went from fears at a level of 10 to fears at a level of 7 in just a couple weeks with all our socializing, he has made HUGE
  8. Thanks for your feedback - we are doing most of what you suggest as I agree building trust is huge and I believe we have that. We also try to associate his fear situations with yummy treats - this is how he stopped growling at my daughter. We also get strangers to feed him treats as his biggest fear is people. Our corrections aren't hard but mild attempts to shift his brain from negative to relaxed and this has been working. Obviously, if the dog is lunging at someone, you don't treat for that behavior and reward it, nor let him go after the person, so a correction is needed. We usually t
  9. We adopted an adorable 9 week old BC puppy in February. He is a little over 3 months now. After the first couple days of adjustment we realized that we had an extremely fearful puppy. We would growl at my 9 year old daughter and try to bite her, he would growl and try to bite anyone other than me, my husband, and my boys. At first he would hide from people, now he lunges, barking and growling. He also tries to bite other dogs. We took him to the vet, he hid by my legs and wouldn't take a treat from the vet and growled at her - this was at 11 weeks. At 12 weeks, he bit the next vet (she
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