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  1. Hi - I have a 1 year old border collie from working parents, and am looking for a bc trainer for obedience, recall, possibly agility and light geese chasing work. I live in Northern Westchester NY. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  2. Thanks Jenny. Approximately what age do the growth plates close? I have been diligent about the training, and Im taking obedience training with her now...shes doing great. I do play a ton of fetch with her now...Im assuming thats ok at this stage. I would love to take classes or seminars on frisbee training when the time is right. Can i find that service on this site? Any recommendations? thanks- Pat
  3. Hello All- I have a wonderful 4-month old BC. Her parents are both champion herding bc's, and she has a wonderful, friendly temperament. I want to train her for frisbee for sure, and maybe agility and fly-ball. Is she too young to start training now? When is the best time to train? Is this best handled by a professional trainer? If so, I live in Westchester County, NY and would welcome suggestions and introductions. She is very smart and athletic...so want to keep her busy!! Thanks
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