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  1. @Mum24dog what is the chance of living a normal life? and most importantly surviving? I am devastated even by thinking about her.
  2. Puppy advice- Socialize him with other people fast, do obedience classes also. Other than that you got yourself a wonderful companion.
  3. Read my thread http://www.bordercollie.org/boards/index.php?showtopic=37851 ,my girl was exactly how your dog is and I always said "it's fine, it's just her she's skinny". You know what? I was completely wrong! I wish that someone suggested me to do a liver test on her as I could have anticipated some issues . To begin with I might suggest you to talk with your vet and do a blood test. Prevention is better than cure.
  4. Indeed Diane, my family had mixed hunting dogs for years, they always fed them garlic with their food for taste and for their properties without referring to pills, most of them 16+ years when died and their diet wasn't so good either . Anyways, I did my routine maintenance of deworming and then all of a sudden mine dog bloated. I know problem was there but vets, always told me, it could be from her nature/bloodline that she is small, who could have guessed it was a liver shunt. Mine bc still seems like a puppy at 26 months and from 11kg she is 13.8kg with all that toxic fluid. I hope everything turns at least close to normal. Most people if in my case suggested me to put her down which by the way really infuriated me, unless she is suffering (which isn't but is weak mostly because she isn't eating) I would never consider that as an option. I wish to thank you all for your comments, I deeply appreciate your thoughts during this hard time. I can't wait till I will be able to spend some time in the countryside with her hiking for a breath taking scenario.
  5. We did new blood test it is most probably a liver shunt :/
  6. Thank you for your replies, I really appreciate. I will keep this thread updated on new updates.
  7. For now, I did some research and sent it to the vet and he said it's fine. I am feeding her 100gr chicken and 200g rice 30gr carrots, 20grams cheese, egg and a few garlic for taste, however she didn't eat anything today.
  8. There was no coughing, urine,poo or vomiting with blood.
  9. The vet told me it's something that she was born with, I asked him if it was a tumour, he said no judging by the dog it has been something that was born with. Till now we did some blood test results ,I attached them with post. Is she going to die? Symptoms seem similiar to ascites. LINK of blood test: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nu3mh8vzqckmixw/Maya.png?dl=0 I don't want to put her down, as some suggested, I already lost another dog to cancer and it was a humane thing to do. She doesn't look she is suffering she is weak tho. But still is very happy in my presence, Never in my life I thought for a sec that a dog would take my heart the way she took mine. She's literally my shadow. This was earlier today
  10. Two weeks ago, I dewormed as usual my girl, every three months, all of a sudden she got bloated, after 48 hours. I took her to the vet, we did some blood tests and an ultrasound, the bloodtest result she has something wrong with her liver. I suddenly thought I am going to lose her, to a tumour, the vet said from the results it might be a liver disease. It made sense as I feed her around 600 to 800 grams daily and she's thin and very small. I started on a strict diet of high protein and low sodium and see how things work out. I looked online and symptoms seem similiar to ascites. I wish to ask this page, does s there lie any hope, I am literally devastated and shocked to this day. Her pee was so orange that it would stain the floor at least after 9 days of medicine her pee colour is turning to normal. Today I took her to a slow pace hiking and she was over amused, she is energetic but she is pale. Believe me losing her would mean the world to me.. Next thursday Im getting a liver test done on her, there are so many things that I wish to with her and I aint even 10% there
  11. Thank you for the responses, currently I am taking her to herding classes. She's doing great now. I de wormed her again and well I found one big worm when she vomited two days after taking the pill. I have to de worm her again next week. She also gained some weight and it can be easily seen now. Also I noticed she likes dry food containing fish, though can I feed her adult hood food instead of junior puppy or will it compromise her growth? She likes Arden grange sensitive/ Performance/fresh salmon of rice mixture daily over Arden grange junior ie she doesn't like orijen/ royal canine also orijen is a bit over priced but she's doing well I noticed a huge difference in a week now. I really wish to thank you all, I've been going thru the replies and it's been very helpful. By the way she only herds the chickens back when they go near the water reservoir as they could risk falling in there and this winter has been rather a drought one compared to previous winters.
  12. She runs all day even herds the chicken during the day as I let them free roam she works an average of 3-4 hours daily herding the chicken on the fields which she does excellently after being trained with a professional . Could it be because she's sick that she is so skinny? I am really worried. She gets 2-3 cups of puppy food daily mixed with some performance arden grange.
  13. Hi I'm Ryan from Malta. Well I got my girl which is 5 3/4 months old and weights less than 10kg (8.7kg) and 17 inches height(shoulders) and I take her usually with me at the fields after work/school if I am not going for a run the thing is that some while ago while I wasn't paying attention I saw her eating potatoes along with the dirt. I started de worming her again with Drontal plus as vet suggested. Though no worms came out tho but I think she vomited during the night as I gave her the pill y'day. I am really confused about my next move I feed her arden grange and she loves it, I had a hard time finding the right food for her. PS: I attached some pics of Maya taken yesterday.thanks
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