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  1. I like the idea of being a foster home to help transition. I'd like to be involved with the process of helping find an appropriate home for him, as I'm not confident that his current owners will do such a thorough job as I would, as they're getting ready to expand their family and deal with being enlisted in the Navy. I have/had plans to take him the last half of September as a trial run, and my schedule kind of winds down a bit and even more so in October (save for a trip to the East Coast)...
  2. The more and more I think about this, and also talking in real life with friends who know my extremely never-at-home active lifestyle, I am starting to question if I'm the proper environment/owner for Diggit. I know I'd be a great owner for Diggit - if I had a more regular routine. Then I'd feel more comfortable bringing a dog into my life. However, my life is NOT routine (as much as folks have said that is OK), because I'm literally on the go ALL THE TIME. My house is literally just a place for me to sleep and keep my gear. I get called out on search and rescue missions at 11 p.m. and can be gone for up to 48 hours. By the time it'd be a decent time to call someone to ask them to come look in at Diggit, I'd be deep in the woods with zero cell reception. Bottomline, even if i changed my lifestyle somewhat, it wouldn't be fair to the dog. He deserves better. A friend put it this way: "Are you taking the dog because he needs a new home or are you taking it because you want it?" My answer: "Um, 50/50? Both?" My uncertainty is overwhelming there.
  3. So border collies are actually capable of calming down? I guess so; I recall him doing that when I'd hang with Diggit at my sister's house in 2013 after he'd get over the excitement of me being there, but it's been a while since I've been around him. I know I'll need him to chill while I'm doing stuff around the house, gardening, needing to chill myself, etc. I guess if I "work" him, with walks in the morning, play time/long walks after work, that should help work out his energy some so he will be able to relax a little while his person is busy doing other things? Aside from trying to figure out other ways he can keep himself "worked" during the day when I'm not there... I'm just so stuck on the concept that he's a "working" dog. I'm talking with his current owners tonight with a loonnnggggg list of questions - from vet visits to routines to exercise habits to responses to other people/dogs, etc. I already put out an inquiry to the Facebook "Brain Trust" for local dog walker suggestions. I wake up each morning thinking, man, if Diggit were here, we'd be getting up and going on a walk and then I have to leave him at home.... Our office is welcoming of dogs, but typically small dogs who don't make much noise. I'd probably be able to bring him in when there are few people here, on a Friday, etc. There's a small grassy area across the parking lot where we'd be able to have lunch and play...
  4. These are all very encouraging words! Thank you! I'm open to all suggestions and ideas! My long days of work (and rare overnights) involve me being in the field, such as in the woods or on the beach, (I know, GREAT for dogs, right?) but trying to handle a border collie AND take pictures and interview folks wouldn't exactly be conducive. Beach would be OK if I had him VERY well behaved. And I'm kind of like GentleLake - my routine is that there IS no routine in my life. The biggest change for me would be coming straight home from work, rather than heading to the city for the night, doing errands, etc. This dog currently has more routine than I do! TR
  5. Hello, I have been given the opportunity to be the new owner of my sister and her ex-husband's 9 year old border collie, Diggit. I have not been a consistent figure in the dog's life (except for 2013) but we have a good relationship when we do see each other. (He gets super excited when I show up because he knows I will play with him and take him for a walk! My sister claims he is calm and laidback when I'm not around). The family history of the dog involves basically raising him in townhouses, overseas, and in decent sizes houses with fenced-in yards. However, he is most likely (still) not worked, walked, or played with as much as BC needs, given previous history of my sister and bro-in-law's lifestyles. And he is clearly overweight. He also has food aggression issues (bares teeth when get too close to him while he's eating). The ex-bro-in-law owns the dog and has decided recently to remove it from his immediate family with a new wife due to a baby on the way. Diggit, while sweet but can be hyper, has not been worked like BC should be - I believe the extent of the activity is being let out in the backyard. I, on the other hand, am super active (hiking, running, biking, camping, etc) and would love to keep Diggit in "the family. However, I wonder how easy that is to do with 9 YO sedentary but yet energized BC. (he definitely herds kids, as he nipped at my nephew's heel the other day). I also have a small house (900 square feet) and no grassy yard (all gardens of which are getting fenced this fall, but a potential 10 by 12 foot undeveloped space to create a kennel space for him if needed). I also plan on getting into some professional training to deal with the food aggression issues and possibly better socialization so i can take him on easy hikes. Also, would it be fair or unfair to the dog to bring him into my life for a few weeks to determine if we'd be a good fit? The other option is the bro-in-law will be putting him into a rescue, of which I question how easy it would be to re-home him. Thank you for any thoughts and advice! I only have a few months to make this decision, as the dog will need to be removed from the home by December. Edited: My other concerns are that sometimes my job takes me away from the house for long periods of time (days, rarely overnight), and I'm also in mountain rescue, which also can me away from the house for a day or so. I don't exactly have immediately family around to take care of the dog, like some of my "single dog parent" friends do. I think my mentality with this is to treat him like a kid and have to adjust my schedule with "I have to get home to take care of him" and adjust accordingly. I am extremely single and on the go all the time, and it'd be a big life style change for both of us. The job and mountain rescue (and small property) has prevented me from getting a dog the past few years. I've really wanted one.
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