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  1. I don't want anyone to think that I think I have made the "right" choice or that by posting I am trying to justify it to myself. I merely stated that I made a choice, one that I'm still not entirely sure about and one that I may or may not ever be sure is the right one. I don't think any part of any of my posts attempts to justify my choice. It's merely an explanation of how I came to my conclusions in the first place and how many of those were eventually proven wrong, mostly by my own ignorance. Much of my second post was to explain some things that I thought were a bit unclear in my firs
  2. I appreciate everyone's posts. You have given me excellent advice. I have read them all multiple times. I feel a bit better about picking my pup from a picture. I guess I was just a little taken about because I thought I was clear about the fact that I wanted to meet them first, and that we were on the same page about it. To clarify a few things: I definitely do not think they have outright deceived me. If I did I would get out quick. I think it's been a combination of me being excited and asking misunderstanding between the questions I was asking and what I was looking for. The si
  3. I'm so frustrated with myself. I've been on the boards for awhile and been researching getting a Border Collie for over a year (I always knew I wanted one but was never in a position to get one until now). I joined the boards because I believe wholeheartedly in the working bred Border Collie. I think that's the only reason you should breed Border Collies (any dog, really, but that's for another day). So i searched and searched for breeder that fit those standards. I thought I found one who was relatively close and worked out with my timeline (I had to wait until I was in a pet frie
  4. Yeah, I knew about Winston Cap which is kind of one of the reasons I'm not sure about calling my pup Cap. If you're familiar with Border Collies Cap instantly makes you think about Winston Cap, and there are many other dogs named Cap, too. I kind of like odd names that aren't that common, which is also one of the reasons I'm on the fence about Jack, too. I like to be different, haha.
  5. Thanks everyone! Almost all of my facebook friend liked Asher. I was kind of surprised because it's a bit of an odd name, but it's actually the first name I picked out. So maybe that's a sign? Fable is also growing on me more and more. It wasn't one of my top name at first. Someone else mentioned that I might not want to do Nova since it sounds like "no". I try not to use the word no when training but I know that sometimes I'll mess up and say it and I can't trust other people not to use it. I do like Captain Jack Sparrow a lot, but I too know many Jacks (none of whom I like very much, s
  6. I'm currently in a program to become a professional dog trainer. It's taught that single words are not so much easier for dogs to remember, but for people. You teach people to only say one word so they don't fall into the trap to say "sit" "sit down" "down", etc. for the same command. And we are taught to say the dog's name to get there attention, but if they are already focused you can just give the command. Yet we are also taught that every situation is different and that there are no hard and fast rules, so you're trainer yelling at you is a bit ridiculous. If you had previously been us
  7. It says the video on youtube is private but I was able to watch the one on facebook. We had a dog like this in the daycare I used to work for. It's almost like he's over aroused. Flint seems to be uncomfortable with it (especially if it finally caused a fight) so I would correct it so he doesn't feel like he has to. You could try a couple of different things and see what works. When he starts it you could completely remove him for everything for a time out. In the same vein you could use a long line or something similar and just remove him from Flint until he calms down. You could also
  8. You've only had her a month, correct? She's doing amazing well for so short a period. Sometimes it takes dogs months and months to truly settle into their new home. As she does settle more and more her drive (for whatever task) will improve. You have to remember that she went through a major life change not too long ago, and that's probably not out of her system yet. You sound like your doing wonderfully with her. I will second the advice about ending the training session before she gets tired. I would even go so far as to say end it when she is at her finest. You say she starts to wane ab
  9. I had another thought. For the bathing problem, having you thought about purchasing some grooming wipes. There are plenty of brands out there. I personally own these: http://www.amazon.com/Earthbath-Natural-Hypo-Allergenic-Fragrance-Free-Grooming/dp/B000WFIVSQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1373678332&sr=8-1&keywords=grooming+wipes I've not used them yet, but my friend raves about them. This would eliminate having to bathe him so often and give you time to work on the bath becoming a positive instead of such a dreaded thing.
  10. My puppy gets to come home with me on August 18th. I get to visit him sometime this week, probably Friday. I'm so excited. I'm trying to amuse myself by picking out a name for him. So here are the one's I've narrowed it down to and I wanted to get everyone's opinion of what you like. He's a male. Here are some photos of him: Here are the names: Aidan (alternative spelling, Aden): Irish in origin, means "little fire" Asher: name from the Bible, means "happy" Cailean: Scottish in origin, means "pup" (appropriate, right?) Fable: this one wasn't an early favorite, but it keeps growing on me
  11. You have received some really great advice here. I agree with finding a trainer that is local, quickly. A good resource is http://www.apdt.com/petowners/ts/default.aspx You can look up trainers in your area. I would talk with a few, discuss their training methods, and see if any of them near you have experience with BCs. Also, have you considered your body posture when these things happen? If you are standing up and leaning over top of him when giving commands and snapping on the leash this could be triggering the submissive urination and growling. He may think you are trying to dominate h
  12. I officially want a bear that can hula-hoop.
  13. Recently I handled a German-bred Boxer. Not knowing too much about the boxer breed I would have said he was a mix, or badly bred, at first glance because his face was terribly squished in, his body was stocky but in a weird way that was proportioned funny. He looked nothing like the two Boxers that my friend owns. Both dogs are sound in structure and in temperament. Come to find out this particular Boxer was a champion in the show ring and had earned numerous titles. People paid a ton of money to be able to breed to him. It just blows my mind that that is what people want, not dogs like Jake a
  14. You should look into the group 4Paws. I'm not sure if they are in your area or not but they train service dogs specifically for children, and they train for all sorts of needs. I'm fairly certain that they don't rescue, but they breed their own dogs. http://4pawsforability.org/ There's their website. It's a pretty neat organization. I know about them because my friend helped train and socialize one of the service dogs when it was a puppy.
  15. The link that Alchemist provided gives some really good examples of sables. From what I understand (and granted, my understanding is pretty basic) sable is any color with black tips. So most of the hairs start out as one color and have black tips on the end, the tips mostly show up around the shoulders and head and ears. So a red sable would be a red base coat with black tips. Each dog can have more or less black on them. Genetically, I'm not entirely sure how it happens, but it is rare. I've never seen one in person but someone I'm in contact with through the internet has a red sable pupp
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