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  1. What a sweet puppy, so cute! Congratulations to you and Pixie! (Love the name, by the way!) I can see the tri, I suspect it will become a lot more prominent as she grows up. I have an absolute weak spot for tricolours.
  2. Ah, I wondered why you were working on it so hard. Me, it would be so I don't have to run so much. But if Molly prefers the distance work, then that is where you need to go. And if it is easier on you (on course, not in training) so much the better! Are you using verbals, or is it mainly the arm signals/body movement? Because I suspect some combination will be needed for the more cluttered courses.
  3. That is excellent, I love the distance you are getting.
  4. A few months ago, my OH got a photo of my lovely Oscar squinting into winter sunlight. He had such a funny expression on his face, that I posted the photo onto a group on Facebook and asked people to turn him into a meme. Now that Oscar is gone, I wanted to share a few of the results. I have made sure these are all safe for work - not all of them were.
  5. Thank you, this is exactly how we feel. No matter that we gave Oscar a wonderful life, and we did try to, he should have had another seven years of that wonderful life to look forward to. He was robbed and we were robbed. And that hurts.
  6. It is with tears in my eyes that I share that my much loved boy Oscar has passed on September 11, 2019. He was just seven years, two months old. On Saturday, Oscar was racing around, happy as usual, but then developed an occasional cough. By Sunday, his bark was quite hoarse. On Monday, we took him to the vet, who diagnosed tracheolitis, and put him on antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. On Tuesday, Oscar was much worse. His head was hanging low and he would not lift it vertically, he was reluctant to drink, and could not jump up onto anything. So back to the vet. After a complete blood panel, Oscar's liver enzymes were slightly elevated, his red blood cell count was elevated, but his white blood cell count was down. Oscar's neck was not sore, but he would not voluntarily raise it, and he had mildly reduced reaction in his hind legs. The conclusion was likely sepsis with neurologic involvement. We left him at the vets overnight for IV antibiotics and pain relief. On Wednesday morning, Oscar's condition had deteriorated again. He could just about roll from his side to his stomach with help, and could move his legs, but could not stand. Oscar could not raise his head. It appeared his organs were shutting down. There was nothing more our local vet could do for him. Oscar was incredibly stressed at the vet. They could refer him to a vet hospital 500 kilometres (310 miles) away for further investigation. Oscar is not a good traveller, and does not do that well away from home when he is well, let alone sick. There was no guarantee there was anything anyone could do to help him, given how quickly he had deteriorated. We brought Oscar home and let him spend the day surrounded by love before the vet came and put him to sleep. He was much calmer at home. My partner wrote this post on Facebook, It says everything Oscar meant to us so much better than I can. Oh Oscar, Mr Schnoz. What can I say about you? I will try and write something but forgive me, my eyesight is impaired, burdened with tears so big that only the greatest sorrow could ever create. A story maybe. As a boy I loved Footrot Flats and from the earliest readings of those comic strips I had always wanted a Border Collie. They seemed so intelligent, so individual. Come 2012 we had moved into our own house and my thirtieth birthday was fast approaching, knowing from many discussion that it was the dog I had always wanted Kate was on the hunt and a week before my birthday she found what she was looking for. Border Collie puppies. I have had good dogs. Dogs that I had a deep connection with. I grew up with the most unique Lassie Collie you could think imagine. This new fluff ball was going to be Kate's first live inside own dog, we had to decide between two available puppies, one called Orange and one called Yellow, named due to their coloured tags. Which to choose? A tri colour pup with the cutest black paw print on his pink nose, or a white faced pup with two different coloured eyes? Kate had formed a deep fondness for Clancy, my parents tri colour Lassie. The choice was made. We would go with Orange but Kate, even prior to calling and organising pickup of Orange had made it clear that Yellow, the white face was an "Oscar", no understanding why but that was just the right name for him. We set out on our trip to Dartmoor, to pick up Orange from a breeders son who was making the trip to meet us kind of half way between our home and the breeders home. We were instantly in love and Orange, due to his insatiable curiosity, would become George. But it was still fated and some may say Thanos like, inevitable, Kate had already named Oscar. So by the time we got home that evening, settled inside with Orange, Kate made the call "Can we pick up the white face too." My birthday. Two days after picking up Orange we set out for the same trip to collect Yellow, Oscar. It was instant madness. Oscar was a fat bombastic bully that tormented George in only the ways a puppy can. They were the last two pups in the litter and they were always going to be inseparable. It was everything you could ever hope for. Endless fun. But. There was a dark underside to all of this. I was suffering. I was in a terrible head-space. Somewhere I thought, at the time, was so deep I could never come back from. George and Oscar came at the exact right time. We're here for the most briefest of moments in the course of all of time and space and I lucked out, I got the exact cure right before there could have been none. They saved me. They helped me be a better person. Oscar, he was a childhood dream. He was the white faced Border Collie from Footrot Flats "dog". He was as unique and individual as his comic counterpart. He was everything I had hoped and dreamt of. Life rarely fulfils your desires. Your wants. I was lucky. I may never be so lucky again. Today, I suffer. Existence is so fragile. It comes from nothing in the blink of an eye and can as abruptly return to that from which it came. Oscar, all I can hope for is that as you passed you knew that you mattered. That you were a dream fulfilled. That you were deeply loved and that you were a hero, even inadvertently. Oscar, the suffering of your passing will never be fully articulated as we simple beings will never have the language skills to ever give it due credit. It's a feeling without words. Maybe it's better that way, unspoken gives it a reverence that seems fitting. Today is supposed to be a good day, it's warm and windy with the spring time sun that makes you feel the season of renewel. As I write this the sun doesn't seem as bright but rather dull and cruel, how dare it try to give me the impression that new life is here. Instead of signifying we're out of the dark it only feels like the start of it. Oz, I'll keep George company for you. You will never be forgotten and I thank you for being you. Farewell Oscar
  7. She is so gorgeous! Still love the poking the tongue out picture - so full of sass and character! I remember when my pups were young and flexible enough to twist 180 while lying down - front legs one way, hind legs another. That does change over time, but at least you have photographic proof it happened!
  8. I think you have had absolutely excellent advice about on lead walking, and also about the barking. Some people find that teaching your dog to bark/talk on command can help as well. Otherwise, if he is reacting to noise, I don't know whether some kind of white noise/masking noise may help? It may be worth trying. Your boy is gorgeous, and I wish you the best of luck with him.
  9. These are not the same as your toy, and are not cheap, but they seem to be a pretty good quality, and partially support various good causes in Australia, such as helping native wildlife and vet care for desert dogs in aboriginal communities. Also they support genuine Aboriginal artists. There are multiple retailers in America. https://outbacktails.com/collections/outback-animal-toys
  10. I will add that when I find a mat in my dog's fur, I often do not resort to a brush at all. It takes more patience, but I will often work at it with my fingers, gently separating out the mat from the fur until I can pull the mat out without hurting my dog. I can intersperse this with pats and belly rubs and verbal reassurance, and not have to worry about the fear the appearance of a brush will create. If the mat is too big or too tight, the scissors come in, but it sometimes surprises me how much you can get out while your dog is lying relaxed on the couch with you.
  11. Mats happen! Wise words from your mom! I have never hesitated to cut a mat out of my dog's coat when needed. I have two dogs who have very wiry bloomers on their hindquarters which mat in the blink of an eye and which are horrible to brush. I use an undercoat rake, lots of verbal reassurance, another person to hold when necessary, treats and scissors when all else fails. At one point, I brushed with two brushes, one for the dog to chomp on and one for me to use!
  12. Maja, that is brilliant! I laughed so hard, because I can just picture it.
  13. Liz P - thank you for breaking down the history and complexity of this issue. I have not been around dogs for the whole time, and was shaky on the history. It almost feels like the harder people try to do the right thing for our dogs, the easier it is to muck up!
  14. I suspect, if your puppy is putting on weight, that it is a combination of the stress of the change in her circumstances and the change in water that may be giving her diarrhoea. One of my boys has a sensitive stomach after green potato poisoning as a puppy, and will get diarrhoea during any lengthy trip (including in the car if we do not stop for a poop run every hour or so - ask me how I know!). And that includes on the drive to wherever we are going, so the stress can take effect quickly. I was told by a few people when I started trialling in agility to take my own water from home for my dog as the stress of changing water could make a sensitive gut worse. It sounds like she may be starting to adjust, if her poops are starting to form up. So long as she is eating and drinking well, and still putting on weight, I would not worry too much, so long as the diarrhoea is coming to an end. There is a huge variation in size of BCs. Keep an eye on her body condition, and how quickly she is finishing her food, as her demands will change as she goes through growth spurts. I would also try to transition off of Pedigree once she is over the current issues. I am not going to recommend a particular food - you know your own situation best in terms of cost/access/time etc. Do your research, apply cautious judgement about the sources of the information you are reading and whatever biases they may have and make the best decision you can given the information available. It is all any of us can do. Our dogs will not love us any less.
  15. In my house, we call that pose "doing a border collie"! It seems to be a favourite of my boys.
  16. She is absolutely gorgeous, welcome to both of you! I love the photo where she is sticking out her tongue.
  17. Saydrin44, your pup is definitely going to be a red tri merle. Her nose leather is brown, with the pink non-pigmented section, so she cannot be a blue merle. Her base coat colour is brown. If she was a lilac merle, she would have silver and lilac patches, but no dark brown/chocolate coloured patches, because the lilac dilution gene would dilute all the brown colour from her coat. She is tri-colour because of the tan patches, especially the tan eyebrows. Here is a picture of Bailey's nose, which is similar to your puppy's nose.
  18. I don't really have much to add to this but I just wanted to say thank you Ned'sMum for rescuing your dog, thank you for doing so responsibly and thank you for being so open to the advice you have been given. Others may not have reacted so maturely to what we have said here, even though it has been said with the best interests of your children and Ned at heart. So thank you again. And boo to that rescue organisation. (I could use much stronger language to be honest)
  19. This is what my boy Bailey looked like as a puppy. This is what he looks like now. He has really gotten a lot darker as he grew up. He was also in his vaccination paperwork as a puppy as a lilac merle but is a red merle. I would say you have a red tri merle there. Enjoy your gorgeous new puppy!
  20. I would not question her as a full BC. She may or may not meet the "breed standard" for a barbie collie, but true BCs can have great variation. She may be a mix, but she looks like a BC to me (not that I am an expert!)
  21. There are a few of us Aussies, but not too many. This is an American forum after all. I lived in Gawler all through my high school years, and my brother and sister went to high school in Tanunda, so I know the north of Adelaide fairly well, or at least I did lo these many years ago...
  22. GentleLake, I am very sorry to hear about your father. My dad passed from complications of biliary duct cancer over ten years ago, and it still hurts, although it is slowly getting less. My deepest condolences.
  23. Welcome to the Boards, and to your new addiction! I see you are from South Australia. I am not sure, but we may be the only South Aussies on here! Whereabouts are you in SA? I live in Mount Gambier, so am in the south east corner of the state.
  24. Your girl is gorgeous, and looks like a very happy pup!
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