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  1. I did that for a very simple reason...I want as little trace of my presence to remain here as possible. This forum has left me with a very bad taste in my mouth. I wonder why that is? Now let the attacks continue! Not everyone has had a chance to take a dump on me yet.
  2. I know I need help with Border Collies, that's why I came here. Sure, I wanted to show off my dog, he's great and I'm proud of him. And I still believe I have much to learn about BCs and that I could greatly benefit from advice. But I will not be getting it here. Many of you spoke volumes about how wrong my methods are (and quite a few even laughed at me and mocked me), but ask yourselves why none of you actually gave me any advice on how to do better. Many of you said, "I can do this, and this! I am amazing! You must learn to be like me!" But not one of you said, "Try this, or this." Only one of you (ejano) described a part of their training methods, and a very small part at that (something I happen to also do). You people get off on self righteousness, and I want no part of it. So I will seek advice, but not from you. For those of you who didn't mock or patronize, thank you for your time. I will try to learn all I can about BCs from other sources, so don't worry about my dog. He'll be just fine. As for the rest of you, continue being the awesome super dog taining masters you are. Maybe one day you will get your own TV shows.
  3. There is only question left worth asking here...have you guys used e-collars yourselves? (not on yourselves, just have you used them to train dogs)
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