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  1. We have a 7 year old BC, who is a pet/companion and he's lovely. If you're ***HONESTLY*** willing to put in the time to be sure they're busy and well exercised then, they're a good choice! There are some nights when it's raining and miserable, and all you want to do is hop in bed, but.....ya GOTTA take the dog out (and I don't mean opening the door and letting him out to pee), you've got to run him (or at least we do, and our BC is very sedated in personality than average!) The other thing I'd really REALLY like to recommend is that you get one from rescue...please PLEASE PLEASE, do NOT buy BC from a BREEDER. There are HUGE numbers of BC's in rescue, because families less active than your own, just can't handle them... Breeders just keep "making" puppies without any thought to where they're going to go. BC's are a herding dog, and should be bred to herd, but many breeders focus on making them pretty or whatever with out any thought to the integrity of the breed. Please don't support that. Besides, a rescue dog will likely already be house trained and you'll know going in what kind of personality the puppy has, thus taking the guessing game out of wondering if this BC will be a good fit for your brood! Good luck and happy playing! Sue
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