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  1. *Everyone* will tell you something different. I personally wouldn't let the dog go into heat, since that increases the risk of a good number of diseases and cancers. While I was in the veterinary sciences program, the ideal was "as early as possible." People will tell you to wait because of growth plates etc., and we discussed it thoroughly in class. According to what we learned, an early spay/neuter just means the growth plates close later (often resulting in a taller dog than what would have been), but there was nothing said about growth problems. Our local shelter spays/neuters puppies at 6 weeks (my dog included) and there haven't been any ill consequences we've seen... I *personally* always advocate for an early spay/neuter because in my opinion and from what I've learned, the benefits outweigh the risks. The recovery is always much easier for younger, smaller dogs as well, especially BEFORE there's been any development of said organs. But, anyone else might have different opinions, and this is mine. I'm pretty sure most people wouldn't recommend the spay/neuter *after* the first heat cycle, though...
  2. I used to feed Taste of the Wild, then switched to Wellness, but I've had the best results just feeding a raw food diet. http://rawfed.com But really, the best food is whatever your dog does best on. Personally after I started feeding a raw diet, the poops are much cleaner, her fur has grown out and pretty much cleans itself (!!) without any greasy feel, her itching is much less frequent and her skin is much nicer, and finally, her eyes much clearer. She also doesn't seem to mope around nearly as much. Some people also feed raw in addition to kibble. I'd highly recommend it, though some people aren't too keen on handling raw food at their meal times. (I just pre-package portions about once every two weeks and stick them in individual ziplocks in the freezer. No biggie.) Either way, it's 100% worth looking into. People are always raving about the benefits. In fact, I switched my mom's dog over (she's a blue tricolor chihuahua with a horrible case of color-dilution alopecia, a genetic condition affecting dilute-colored dogs) after having almost NO hair and horrible scabbing//chewing her entire life, and lo and behold, after three months she has more hair than ever and no longer has a horrible yeasty smell, nor does she have scabbing. Of course, her hair won't ever be as full as a normal genetically-sound dog, but she sure seems happier. Anyway, whatever you choose, I hope your puppums thrives.
  3. Thanks, She seems to like it, sometimes her leg goes on auto-pilot if it's "juuuuust right." Guess I won't overthink it, then. When she was a puppy she really didn't seem to like it, she only liked chest rubs and butt scratches, but maybe she just wasn't as comfortable about it back then.
  4. Lately Luna rolls over a lot, and if I was like most people I'd jump right in and assume she just wants a belly rub. But, knowing how it's such a submissive posture, I'm not sure it's what she wants. She rarely used to roll over for me, back when our relationship was, well... sketchy. She and I actually have a much better relationship than we used to, and she's happy most of the time with a lot more confidence than she once had. But, now if she's laying around and I decide to give her a little itch/pat/rub, she rolls over to give me belly! When she knows I'm upset or angry about something or simply an emotional hurricane, she never does any submissive belly rolls, but when I start giving her a scritch or if another dog comes over to nose-probe her, she does the roll. Anyway what I'm trying to get to is... I don't want to give her belly rubs if she's just rolling over for appeasement because she's saying "don't kill me! I'm friendly!" since I figure that would just make her MORE anxious, but I love her little pink pig belly and if she's seriously in the business for belly rubs, then heck, of course I want to comply! Opinions??
  5. Woops sorry, somehow I accidentally quoted my post when my internet blipped and I tried to repost it! Sorry again for triple post, yikes!
  6. I'm always surprised by how many people I meet who apparently owned border collies are so stumped by my dog. I mean, mine isn't even a merle or anything, she's pretty much a traditionally-colored border collie, and I still get the Australian Shepherd discussion more than anything else. Or, they'll say "she looks like a terrier, her hair looks so wiry and she's so small" or, "oh, she's OBVIOUSLY a mix, her legs are too long" (even though another littermate was proven to be 100% by other adopters test), or "what's with the hair on her cheeks? it sticks out so much!" You would think people who owned border collies would understand how much variation there is! According to the lady who told me she was a terrier, the fact that she wasn't the size of a freaking Irish Wolfhound meant that she wasn't a full border collie, like *HER* dog was. Or, even the fact that she's a tricolor, it means she can not possibly no way no how in any universe ever EVER be a purebred border collie. Some lady thought she was so friendly that she couldn't be a border collie, because border collies are supposed to be shy and timid?! Wtf?! I wouldn't care if she's a mix or not (I was almost disappointed to hear that she wasn't!) but honestly, I think I know my dog better than some random stranger on the street! You get this stuff a lot. Nobody's dog is safe... Everyone thinks they're the expert, and don't you dare tell them otherwise!
  7. My first and current- I wish I'd not have worried so much about the dog she would be, and appreciated her more for the dog she is. I didn't allow myself to enjoy puppy-hood. So many sources will tell you what a terror the dog will become without 24 hours of exercise and a flock of sheep on your lawn, and all of the things that can/will go wrong, and how your life will be terrible as your BC destroys your house and becomes the Tasmanian Devil with an endless tank of fuel. I wish I hadn't listened to other people so much, well-meaning or otherwise. The fear that every little undesirable behavior would become a full-blown destructive habit for the rest of her made me feel like a failure, and I took my frustration out on her. I wish I'd known how much more sensitive she is compared to every other dog I've known, and I wish I had adjusted my training accordingly and much earlier than I had. I wish I hadn't become so angry with her imperfections. I regret looking at all the things that were "wrong" rather than things which needed "more work." And so many times, I felt detached from her emotionally and had convinced myself that life was better without her, that I'd picked the wrong dog and she didn't LIKE me. Well of course she didn't! I was the only person in her life who acted like an emotionally-unstable dictator! I fought my way through year 1, and I'm happy I did. I couldn't possibly live without her, and she looks at me with such warmth these days. When I got my first border collie, I wish I had known what an amazing friend she'd become.
  8. I echo Ahisma! Love Grisha Stewart, her books, AND her methods! Great place! Been there myself! Very lucky to have access to the place many people only get to read about! Go for it!
  9. (Sorry double post!!) http://www.doggenetics.co.uk/black.htm Also check out the seal coloration toward the bottom of the page? I dunno!
  10. Maybe it could be a tan-point with brindle allele (kbr)? Source: http://www.doggenetics.co.uk/tan.html "The Cardigan Welsh Corgi has the brindle allele (kbr). Brindle only affects phaeomelanin, so this dog's points are brindle but its body remains solid black. This Corgi also has white in the irish spotting pattern." Anyway, my BC has the above combination. She, too, has the tan you described on your own dog's tail. I don't know much else without seeing a picture of the tail.
  11. Anyone have the dosage amount for the Claritin? Thanks.
  12. His face reminds me a bit of our Pyrenees. Well, actually a bit like a combination of our Pyr and my border collie mixed together. Kind of a combination of the long face and round eyes with the long pointy nose. Hehe. And (of course) our Pyr also has the typical double dews. But you never know! Especially with BCs! Just gotta love 'em for who they are.
  13. AHHH I did that too!! Haha, now Luna responds to "all the way down" in the same way-- purely unintentional!
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