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  1. Oreo lasted a week and is in a fantastic home in Iowa with trails and a jogging/athletics family - Thanks!
  2. Thanks MBC! He deserved a better start in life, and yet he's super sweet. Confidence building every day. Already have a potential interest on him
  3. Have had Oreo for a week now, a 4yo from rural Missouri. Am fostering on behalf of All Herding Breed Dog Rescue, IL. Heard he was born of cattle-herding Border Collies on a ranch, and given to a family ill-equipped to comprehend the awesomeness of a breed like this. Please LIKE my foster page if you want to see more in the future, or receive Oreo updates. Plenty of videos in action as well as pro-caliber action shots. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1041663009185492.1073741836.920841427934318&type=3
  4. Chandra took the last girl I posted here and TRANSFORMED her into one amazing BC and is on her way to a wonderful education!
  5. Hi all, ISDS Chairman in a video about Bob Fraser said Bob bred for everyday work and not the Trials. Of course we're going back to mid-century Mindrum line of BC's. Anyone like to share their thoughts on exactly what YOU think this means, or in a modern day context? Stamina? Speed? Versatility? As many different opinions welcome....
  6. Hi All! Will be attempting my 3rd Foster attempt this weekend and this one is ABCA! Coming in from NoLa on a transport of 3, Sky has definitely got it going on. You know, the stare, the eyes, the crouching prone... Take a look, be a fan. I'm a photographer so lot's of juicy eye-candy (which is kind of like cheating when it's a BC) -enjoy https://www.facebook.com/pages/Schademanns-Foster-for-Adoption-Page/920841427934318
  7. I'm not going to name breeds specifically, but I can simply say after what I've seen at the dog park, (when we went) and very nice loving owners, i have no problem with certain breeds neutered out of existence. Tried to have an open mind, I really did...
  8. We did Puppy 1 at Petco! And at graduation this was offered to us, I was like thanks but no!
  9. Haha thanks! Just glad to know this thread isn't totally dead. Not a lot of Gooseherd info out there except by links on professional services websites.... Hope the contirbutors to this are still active!
  10. OK!!! So I know I'm about 4 years too late on this post but hey, I just got my first BC in Jan as a pup and he just turned 1. He's an OBSSESSIVE disc dog, and chuckit fetcher. When I say obssessive I mean when either of those tools are in my hand I am the pied piper. He'll follow me and my movements wherever I go. One night in August at the ball diamond, I was finally able to trap a hare between us and the fence! And the only way I could pry his attention from me was to say "Jilly! Get Jilly!" (my cat). So he looks around, spots the rabbit and goes from skulking trot to slow as mollases
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