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  1. Hi, I have a 5 month old BC male, he is very smart, and I think he is ready to learn something new everyday. He knows sit, down, up, stay, watch me, wait, leave it, drop it, come, in your bed, in your room, in your crate, bring, lets go, this way, sit pretty & loose leash walking. Of course some commands are not perfect as others :huh:/>/> :rolleyes:/>/> . But we practice those, he has his CGC test coming up on 23rd. I want to teach him a good/strong heel, the leave it needs to be perfected. I plan on starting him on herding, flyball, agility etc... I want to know what are some other commands that he must know, and how can i teach those. How can I perfect some commands. Also he likes to chase cars behind a fence, when i take him to 1 dog park, any ideas on how can I stop that. But if he is on a leash he will only stare at a car, not try to go after it. He just cant get his eyes off cars, we do play a lot of chase with frisbee, ball & chase it toy, I have tried distracting him at the park with balls & frisbee, but lasts for not too long. This is our first BC, and any help or advice would be helpful. Thanks Alishaa
  2. Thanks for this, but I tried the lamb shank & he got diarrhea about 2 weeks ago, so I am sticking with bully sticks for now & he does ok with those too.
  3. Thanks, I did increase about 1/4 cup more, and he does not seem that hungry now. I think he gets plenty, but I also think he feels when he keeps asking he gets more food, but sometimes after dinner he just does not ask. So I am just confused ! I play it by the day, I figured he may be more hungry on days he has been out in the yard longer or on walks longer.
  4. Thanks for all the advice, he is 26.6 lbs & healthy, I can feel the ribs as you mentioned, I do feed him the lamb & oatmeal and even though it says upto 6 months, it also says 21-50lbs on blue buffalo. I probably will check with my vet too. Thank you again !
  5. I have a 4 months old BC, his activity level is great, smart guy, he just seems hungry all the time. He keeps going to the pantry all the time! And to his bowl after he has finished his food We are feeding him blue buffalo puppy food - he gets 2 cups in a day divided into 2 meals (thats the schedule the breeder had him at 3 months) in addition he gets 1 kong filled with peanut butter + chicken OR yogurt + kibbles, and about 1/4 cup of treats for training. And 1 dog biscuit right before bedtime in his crate. We overfed him 2 weeks ago & he had diarrhea, so I am very scared to give him anything more. Please if someone could give advice OR share their feeding guidelines ! Thanks Alishaa
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