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  1. Thank you, yes we enrolled in a foundation class which will focus on Sit, stays, circle work, crate games, shaping behaviors to increase focus & get the willingness to work (which mine is usually more that happy to work), feet in a box, nose touch, all basics, he knows most, but again at home not in an environment with 10 other dogs Also we have started CU training - reorienting points, whiplash turn, LAT etc I think these 2 should be good for foundation, and communication between him & me. Thanks for all the advice.
  2. Hi, I have a 9 month old BC boy, we are new to any dog sports, and new to the BC world too. I have been looking at a lot of agility training classes, reading CU for puppy, watching Susan Garrett DVD's etc...But still an outsider to this world ! Here is my question - what should be the format of a good agility class ? What should I look for ? I looked at pre-agility too, and whats the best format? Mine is too distracted & hyper when he gets to class, eventually settles down & focuses, but I am not sure its the right format of a class I picked. And do all BC's bark in an agility environment ? Thank you in advance !
  3. That is really good, I have to share with a friend who recently had an incident with his dog, ofcourse the dog got blamed! even though he would have shown signs of discomfort
  4. Mine just proved to me yesterday he isnt ready for the freedom !! He had an "accident" on the rug I dont understand why other than that, he probably went near the door & no one let him out so decided the rug was perfect ! This has not happened since we got him 4 months ago !!! I guess the 8 month switch is getting turned on !
  5. Thank you, I have tried the 10-20 mins, in the yard kind of stuff, and he has been good. Like Liz said, 18 months to 2 years is what was my original plan was, but somehow, I have some trust in him (due to the 20 min yard sessions) But have that little "what if he is not ready" there in me too! So I wanted to know in general what is a good timeframe. And yes, adolescence was another reason. His obedience is still not declined, though he hasnt touched 8 months. Not sure if something weird happens to them as they touch that 8 month mark Like I said I have had a good experience with him so far, and would like to keep it that way. So its better to ask experts & do things than take a step & repent !
  6. Hi, I am just curious to how can I know my BC pup is ready to stay out without my supervision. My boy almost 8 month old ,he is very good, he has had no accidents, rings the bell to go out to do his business, has not chewed anything in the house so far (pls dont do anything while I write this, ) other than his own bed !! He is generally a good boy, I leave him on his own when I am at home & he lays in his bed, or just walks around the house. He gets to play in the am, & walk, then play + train + sometimes walk in the afternoon. Then 5pm onwards he plays, hangs around, trains, dinner & walk then sleep... How can I try to check if he will be ok when I leave the house if he is not crated. And I have heard some horror stories of carpets being ripped.... so whats the best way I start doing it for example 30 mins in 1 room & then gradually give freedom? or any other advice ? what are your tried & tested methods? Any suggestions please. And is 8 months too early ? Shreds
  7. I added it back in - I didnt realize I was being rude ! apologies !!
  8. I am sorry, in no way did I want to be disrespectful to anyone, or rude, the intention of removing that was the conversation was becoming non-productive. Julie, I respect your advice and the others advice, I did add it back in so if people read the post it does not sound tangent, I did write it as I previously had it written with any personal opinion of the trainer. As I say again the intention was only to get advice on what I could do better. And not hurt anyone or be non-productive.
  9. Eventually got the brains & removed the whole herding section off, didnt know that is what everyone would start focusing on. Learnt a lesson !! But thank you for those who actually gave me advice on the real situation, got CU & have already started reading it !!
  10. Coz a renowned person in their field got the collar put it on my dog & said thats the way it was done, explained that its better than his normal nylon collar, and to trust them as they knew what they were doing. I was like a person who knows nothing about a computer & goes to best buy to get one, you trust what the person is telling you & if the person is the best sales person and is telling you thats the best thing & saying why its safe, you wont doubt it. Till you go home & do your research only to find out what the product is. Thats what happened to me, I just didnt know any better ! No knowledge about the different collars, etc.
  11. Eventually got the brains & removed the whole herding section off, didnt know that is what everyone would start focusing on. Learnt a lesson !! But thank you for those who actually gave me advice on the real situation, got CU & have already started reading it !!
  12. Ok my apologies... better word should have been livestock ! I apologize for that, was a mistake
  13. For clarification for members... In no way was this post supposed to be about herding or the trainer.... It was primarily for me to understand what I can do to better my puppy's experience & improve my relationship with him. In no way I intend to bash anyone or their methods, everyone has their own way of doing things. I only needed advice on what I could do better & get reassurance on what I was doing was right !!! Thank you, and I apologize if I may have hurt anyone with anything said !
  14. It was definitely used, I paid $20 for it, I have a check & the prong to prove it ! I was about to take a video of his first session in the pen, when I was told its not allowed, now I wish I had !
  15. Well thank you for your opinion... I respect it, and am always open to see if I didnt see the situation the way it is, BUT I didnt expect the prong collar, I didnt see why my dog needed to be hit & I didnt see why my dog shut down in the second round... I never said he was around cow, some people assumed & I didnt get a chance to respond to that. Also I didnt expect someone to tell me Oh thats a typical "ABC breeder" dog attitude I see. Again thank you, I respect it, I dont ever judge & have not right to judge how anyone does what they do. But for it to happen to my dog, without my approval is not what I signed up for.
  16. Thank you means a lot coming from you .... Can I ask, do the herding people just generally have an attitude issue in the border collie world ? She said Herding was no recreational activity... To me it kinda is for the puppy!
  17. I am located in Dallas, TX. He has been marking outside on his walks quite a bit & also mounts his bed. A scary thing happened the other day while he was mounting & had a prolonged erection. So I am not sure if I should wait, also no day care will take him
  18. Thanks Jovi, I will try all of that. I really appreciate the advice. Do you think after he is neutered him being distracted might reduce? Also any suggestion on how I can handle the rabbit situation ? The rabbit comes in the yard & is around his toys, so when this guy goes out and sniffs that the rabbit was there, he is all charged up to just find the rabbit on his walk at night.
  19. THANK YOU, I guess I needed some guidance & assurance that what we were doing was the right thing. Someone suggested a choke chain, someone says oh this breed is so smart you gotta break him in this age. Then people like the stupid trainer who has 17 border collies looked at me and almost said I had no business getting a BC if this was my second dog ever.... I just dont want this puppy ruined, he is a great guy!!
  20. I know he is just being a puppy, but then some people confuse me saying he has no respect for us, he does not know who is the pack leader etc... all this all of a sudden feels very overwhelming ! Yes he is awesome in his obedience classes, is taking his cgc this weekend, learns new tricks and has so much fun learning all that, he learnt high five in like 10-15 mins
  21. Hi, So we have a 5.5 month old BC male puppy. We got him when he was 3 months old, its been not too long. He trains great, as in tricks, commands etc, BUt he has a mind of his own. He was doing great, until last week, he has sexually matured and his neutering is scheduled for right when he turns 6 months. But recently he has developed few issues that have me concerned • He used to walk on a loose leash until last week, till I don’t know what happened this week that he has just forgotten it all. since he has seen the rabbits in the neighborhood... Loose leash walking is non-existent. • He didn’t want to chase cars or get hyper when he saw cars, but we took him herding this weekend and that has changed his attitude towards a moving car. At training at prong collar was put on him, by the trainer & was not an all pleasant experience. - This was written previously which was edited - "The herding trainer was not good, and he didn’t have a good experience.She put him on a prong collar, he cried, she smacked him with a rake - no he wasnt harming the cattle - she just has issues with the breeder we got him from" • He does great in a controlled environment with his commands (like home, training center etc), but the minute we are out on a walk or dog park, yes he will sit on command, but he is not focused on me. Its almost that I don’t exist in the outside world. Once we just left him at the dog park and walked away and he didn’t care, he kept getting a ball giving it to someone else to throw. I have tried to go back to teaching him on a loose leash, tried to calm him, nothing has worked. I have used a squirt bottle to get his attention and get him to stop that does work for that very second, but I don’t want to over-use it. Please HELP and suggest what I may do, I have a "dog behaviorist" here in the city but he charges $350 Thank you in advance !!
  22. Hey, congratulations !!! I have a Juno too, he is 5 months old & cant wait for him to be able to do all this !
  23. Thank you !! Appreciate all the help & support ! I am so excited we take him for his first herding experience ever on Sunday ! I already know he is going to do great, he herds some dogs at the dog park !
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