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  1. Thank you everyone else for the replies. Hearing your great stories, I have opened myself up more to rescues. Hearing of so many sensitive dogs like the border collie go through recuse and come out as great dogs has really encouraged me. I met met many wonderful dogs in rescue but they have been of hardier breeds and the only border collies that came through the humane society i worked at were products of their upbringing and NOT for the better. I have looked arond at border collie rescues and see many dogs that would probably be good for me. I will continue the search for a breeder as we
  2. This. Exactly. I thought I typed this in my sleep because these are all of my thoughts and feelings on a puppy. It is nice hearing someone is as crazy about it as I am. Chantel, if you ever find a breeder you like please let me know!! I am looking for the same!
  3. Thank you everyone for your great responses! The AKC questions was a biggy on my brain and I am getting the impression hat even if they do not breed for confirmation, by registering with AKC they are funding the ruin of the breed? I guess my reason for liking the ENS is that at least I know the breeder did SOMETHING with the pups during their key socialization periods. I get so worried that i will get a puppy that has rarely been touched and spend most of my time trying to fix the problems caused by being raised separate of human touch and basic socialization at the breeder. This is my
  4. Jovi- I hope to be as cool as you someday! Life would be much easier if I didn't worry about what people think. thanks for the encouraging words. Eileen- Yes, i have read that and possibly every other article on the internet about BCs. I have had a couple of shelties, a small mixed breed dog, and then my husky. I have looked at a lot of breeders and took the things i liked about some of them and mixed them with general advice i have both read and heard. It is very important to me that i not accidentally support a puppy mill or other sort of poor breeder. I am also flexible on my
  5. Hi guys! I am fairly new here but have been learning SO MUCH from all of the very knowledgable posters. The more I learn, the more questions I have though. :wacko:/> My big questions is where to find a good breeder. I have read a lot about ABCA vs AKC and am on the side of preserving the breed as it should be. I first fell in love with BCs because of their brains, heart, mannerisms, and work ethic. Their look...well I had had to talk myself into it so dogs bred with that look but NOT the brains would be the last thing I want. :D/> At first I thought, "Ok, find a good bre
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