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  1. Anyone know where to get a border collie puppy in San Diego. For those of you not following my "sick and listless" post, I lost my beloved dog to a battle with an aggressive leukemia. We adopted her from a shelter 2.5 years ago and she was listed as a border collie mix. She was my first BC and I would like another one...a puppy. It's hard to find border collies. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  2. Anyone know where to get a border collie puppy in San Diego. For those of you not following my "sick and listless" post, I lost my beloved dog to a battle with an aggressive leukemia. We adopted her from a shelter 2.5 years ago and she was listed as a border collie mix. She was my first BC and I would like another one...a puppy. It's hard to find border collies. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  3. Gloria passed away last night. She had an opportunistic infection as a result of the leukemia. Antibiotics weren't enough. Her bone marrow never recovered and she had not enough red blood cells to give her strength or white blood cells to fight it off. Thanks to all for your thoughts. I guess I am fortunate to have lived this long and never before seen cancer take an animal-human or canine.
  4. Hi everyone. A while ago, I posted about my border collie, Gloria, who had an unusual array of symptoms including migrating lameness, lethargy, wasting and an intermittent fever. I got lots of feedback from people and we looked at every possibility-but she was negative for all tick borne illnesses and fungal infections. Her blood work was always normal except for a very slight elevation in neutrophils. When I last posted, it had been decided her symptoms were consistent with polyarthritis and she went on a course of immunosuppressants (azathioprine and prednisone). She seemed to improve, then the symptoms returned and with a vengeance. At the suggestion of a third vet, we took her off the drugs and she she was mildly anemic and had low WBCs from the immunosuppressants. After a few weeks, she seemed to improve then relapsed again with a 105.8 degree fever and severely swollen tonsils and lymph nodes. Biopsies were performed, all seemed to indicate an infection but nothing cancerous. Then the cycle repeated and she had a bone marrow biopsy. Just prior to the biopsy, her hematocrit dropped dangerously low and to save her life, she had a transfusion. The biopsy showed very low RBC and platelet precursors and a lot of granulocyte precursors and neutrophils. The thought was that this was an unusual presentation of azathioprine induced bone marrow suppression or that she had an auto-immune disease that was attacking her myeloid precursors specifically in the erythrocyte and megakaryocyte lineage. She did well after the transfusion until about 4 weeks out, when her hematocrit dropped again. WBCs were fully recovered by this point. She received another transfusion and the hope was that her bone marrow was going to recover. All analyses thus far had not been consistent with leukemia. No elevated WBCs, except a slight elevation in neutrophils again. Then, Friday, a second bone marrow biopsy showed that her RBCs were making no recovery and she now has unusual cells present that appear to be cancerous myeloid stem cells with neutrophilic characteristics. It is still not a typical presentation of leukemia but the diagnosis this time is very ominous. She is transfusion dependent and there is no treatment for this type of aggressive leukemia. This is a sad story. I hope that anyone who has a sick dog and goes to many vets with none of them able to find an answer reads this. Her symptoms were consistent with what people with leukemia often complain about before anything is evident in their blood work...bone pain and fatigue. I don't know that anything could have been done had the diagnosis been made last year when the symptoms started, but her bone marrow is now too far gone. We are keeping her comfortable.
  5. Hi everyone! Thanks for all of the suggestions. We have been out of town for 2 weeks. After a week on the doxy, Gloria seemed to be improving. She was running, hiking, hyper, happy... then suddenly, she relapsed into symptoms worse than the initial ones. Back to the vet-high fever, limping, listless, not eating. She went back to the vet and this time the thought was it must be auto-immune. She was given IV fluids and IV prednisone and improved dramatically. After 3 days on pred, I suddenly noticed she was peeing when she stood and didn't even seem to notice. So, now a new symptom of incontinence??! Anyone had this experience with prednisone?
  6. Thanks everyone! I have been hiding the pills in food...and giving her probiotics afterward. The problem is she took them in cream cheese the first day...then the next time she refused cheese (thinking there was a pill in there?!). So the next day, roast beef. She gobbled them up. Then she wouldn't take roast beef from me. Then chicken skin. She ate the chicken skin and spit out the pill, repeatedly. Then, buried in chicken. She ate one and refused the second bite of chicken. Today I used liverwurst and she ate them. Then came back for more treats. So, I think liverwurst is the magic treat. THis dog is so freaking smart which makes hiding pills in food really, really hard. But, she seems a little better today. I took her for a walk yesterday and I think that part of the problem is the depression from not exercising!
  7. Vicki How long would you expect it to take to see an improvement. 4 days in and there is little change. Is it still too early or is it possible the change is too subtle to pick up on yet?
  8. Hi everyone. Thanks for your suggestions. Gloria is not really improving with the Doxy (4 days in now on 400mg per day). She is still not eating well and now she distrusts me because I have been taking her temperature and feeding her medicine. SHe won't take treats from me because she knows medicine is hidden in it and so I have to just put the pills in her mouth and hold it shut till she swallows because that's the only way to get the medicine in there. So I feel like I have gone from her favorite person in the world to someone she distrusts. The whole thing is so awful. SHe just lies around with her eyes open most of the day. She used to follow me everywhere I went.
  9. She was on a low dose of doxy, baytril and keflex. The vet number 2 (the one I am sticking with) said if the coccidiomycosis comes up negative too, he is going to treat for TBD with a higher doxy dose. She had lot if tick bites last April but hasn't for a while. Whole body X-rays taken yesterday show some cloudiness in the lungs but everything else look good. Tommy Coyote... what was the treatment for the poly arthritis and what was the confirming test? thanks everyone.
  10. Hi, I am new to this site and hoping someone can share experiences that might guide me on healing my beloved border collie. Gloria is 2 years old and an avid hiker...she has been my playful hiking companion for some time now. About 2 months ago, she seemed off one evening and whimpered after jumping off the bed. She ran and hid under the bed and when she finally came out, she was breathing heavily and seemed very sick. I brought her in to see a vet and he thought she had pulled a muscle in her back, gave her rimadyl and tramadol and sent us on our way. It made sense since she had done a rather crazy looking jump in the back yard while catching a frisbee a few days before. After a week, she was back to normal. She came camping with us, did a few long hikes, was as happy as ever and we thought she was back to normal. Then, about a month later, she was getting up from a nap and whimpered, then limped off and hid under the bed. The whole next day she was limping so I brought her in to see the vet. This time it was a different vet because a friend/acquaintance of mine is a vet (she was out of town when the first incident happened). She xrayed her, tested for Brucella and did a cursory examination of her neck movements. Everything was negative and she concluded that it might be a herniated disk or a pinched nerve and suggested cage rest. She is a rather sedentary woman and seemed to think that by taking Gloria on 5 mile hikes regularly and, when we have the time (which is about 2 maybe 3 times a month) longer ones (8-15 miles), we were just over-exerting her. I found this odd because this does not seem like excessive exercise for a human, much less a border collie. I do not own a cage but I did rest Gloria for 2 weeks , despite the fact she seemed herself again after a few days. She seemed very anxious and depressed not getting walked and when I finally walked her again (about a mile) she was bubbling with energy. We worked up to our regular distance, but I gave her days on and days off rather than every day hikes (although I do believe BC's need and like every day hikes). Slowly over the next month, she seemed to wax and wane, gradually becoming more and more listless. I noticed she was getting thin but she has always been a finicky eater. Finally one day, she seemed really off and was limping on a different paw. She kept coming to me and looking into my eyes and putting her paw on my leg and I called my vet friend. She suggested an MRI and chided me that I should have cage rested her. I decided to get another opinion so I brought her to a different vet. He did a very thorough exam and said she had a 104 degree fever, she had lost 8 pounds, was dehydrated and very listless. He told me she showed no signs of any cervical or spinal issues and he thought it was systemic. He kept her overnight, gave her IV antibiotics and fluids and she seemed to improve. He tested for Tick borne diseases and did a total blood work up. EVERYTHING was normal, saving a mild neutrophilia. A few days later, her fever was back and she was favoring her hind leg. He added more antibiotics to the profile and some rimadyl and tested for fungal diseases. The next day she was her peppy self, I took her for a walk and she was jumping up on me thanking me, wagging her tail seeming to be happy again. The next two days it was raining and I had to work late so she didn't go for any walks (but we have a large backyard). Today, she is listless and not eating again. The fungal panel came back negative. No one knows what is wrong with her! Has anyone else experienced this? And gotten a diagnosis outside of TBDs and fungus?
  11. Brad,

    I read your post about your 2 year old border collie and a mysterious illness. My 2 year old BC is presenting with almost identical symptoms to what you described. I wanted to know if you ever found anything out and if so, would you be willing to share the information with me. I am going crazy and our vet doesn't know what's wrong with her. I feel like she is slowly dying bef...

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