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  1. I live near Castle OK. It is 25 mins south of Bristow somewhat near Okemah. lol I will look up the group you said. See what I can find. I also found 2 books used I ordered to get started also.
  2. Ok. We have had BC's now for about 8 years. Primarily as a farm dog...not trained to anything specific. We use them to move our goats from here to there...but just natural instinct...not really any kind of 'formal' training. Well, my old girl is getting old and arthritic. We have a younger one (about a year old) and a puppy. We would like to teach them herding in a more traditional sense....and maybe agility someday? I just dont know where to start. 1. For today or tomorrow....are there any good book recommendations? I dont expect that I will learn how to create the perfect sheepd
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