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  1. Well said, BC4ever. My BC is nearly 17. His loss will be hard.
  2. My sincere regrets re: Ellie. Those who have had the pleasure and privilege of own of member of this breed know how lucky we are. They are a unique breed. We all share your loss.
  3. My regrets re: Ellie. All I can say is those who have the experience and privilege of owning a BC know just how special they are. No other breed compares. Your loss is one that all BC owners share.
  4. My sincere regrets concerning Kati. My pup is nearly 17 and I, too, fear this experience. Those who have experienced the privilege of owning a BC understand how unique each one is. No finer breed.
  5. Great fun. Always a pleasure to see a Collie "at work".
  6. Thank you both. Your comments are true, of course. He has had a useful, productive life and continues to contribute, though on a lesser scale, as always. When he passes, he will be missed and remembered.
  7. I very much appreciate all of the responses I have received to date about the potential longevity of my nearly 17 old. While his continued presence is of great concern, the quality of life issue is also on our mind. Unlike Alchemist's experience, my dog has yet to face any serious health issues. When they eventually occur, the next question for me is whether I will need to consider an early termination for him. This possibility will be extremely difficult for me to face.
  8. Hello. I'm a proud owner of a BC that will reach 17 years of age on February 14, 2013.

  9. I'm a new member. My main reason for joining this Board was to enquire as to owner experiences concerning how long their border collies have lived. My BC, Hamish, has been with me two months short of 17 years. While he no longer runs the fields at lightning speed, he still spends time with me on walks that are now yards, not miles, long. He has joint stiffness but he still has a strong appetite and normal body functions. All the literature on the net and library suggest a time span of between 12-14 years. Needless to say, he has proven those sources wrong. I would welcome anyone's exper
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