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  1. When do you start a box turns with your puppy? I have heard everything from you can start light hit its at 5-6 months to you shouldn't do any until they are 12-14 months. I was just interested to see when other flyball people start with their puppies.
  2. Thanks. No, usually she won't spit the ball out. I think it was just a one time thing because she never spits it early.
  3. Ok, she is catching the ball and doing good now. Is there anything else I need to change?
  4. Ok, I will do that. I am adding the ball in now and she is doing good, it's just slower. Will it speed up in time, as she gets used to it?
  5. We have got pups from about 5 different breeders. Also, some of our friends who have Dachshunds have purchased pups from 3 breeders and they are released them at 6 weeks. I guy I know through flyball has a dog who was released at 5 weeks. And one of our labs was released at 5 1/2 weeks. Trust me, I am very open to learning all I can and listening to EVERYTHING that EVERYONE has to say. I am not trying to argue or try and tell someone what is right, I am open to hearing what everyone has to say and learning all I can! :-) I have been trying to read up on their socialization periods. I have just never given it much thought. Thank you for your help and taking time to reply! Ashley
  6. Just wanted to leave a update on how my BC was doing in flyball. Here is a video of her hitting the box with no ball. I have just started adding the ball to the box every time today and she is doing pretty good. I will try and post a video soon. I am new to flyball and just want to make sure this looks ok. Does she need to be any higher on the box? I have seen some videos on youtube were people have a really high prop. Thanks! Ashley
  7. I still don't see how this is a "red flag". All of the pups we have ever got from anyone have always come home at 6 weeks. Also, other people I know, they got their dog at 6 weeks.
  8. I was wondering if anyone had some good flyball training tips for puppies? I know you can't do any real training until they are older, but what are some things you can to to help their give them a good start? This is for my BC pup that I am getting Saturday, she is six weeks old. I know playing a lot of tug and trading games are good... is their anything else? Thanks! Ashley
  9. Thank you for just ANSWERING THE QUESTION. Much appreciated!
  10. I don't mean as good as her sister in flyball. I mean with her ability to work for me.
  11. The breeder has a disability and doesn't do as much as she use to; but she still takes them to someone she knows and they are the goose control dogs. I think she also takes them to a friends house who has livestock and her friend works them.
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