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  1. I tend to mess up verbal clues, saying tire when I mean tunnel, etc, so I try to use verbals for encouragement and speed and for more complicated maneuvers (back for a back side, out or with me to distinguish between two close obstacles.) In my last class we did something similar to Jovi's run silent, we did run without arms, keeping your hands in your pockets or behind your back. It amazing how much you can do with just your shoulders and feet. Jerry
  2. Agility Nerd http://agilitynerd.com/blog/agility/equipment/ban-metal-jumps.html has an article and some pictures about this. This is a new issue for me, but I have only been doing agility for a year. After reading this article I noticed that all the clubs here have jumps with fixed metal cups. Jerry artandorchids.com
  3. Thanks All. Jovi--no worries, we do not jump or do weaves. Mostly flatwork, obiedience and obstacle focus. This last Tuesday we did very low teeters (after weeks of the bang game,) low dog walk and straight tunnels. Never more than three times for any one exercise. We have done stride regulators a few times and are pretty much following Susan Salo's Puppy Jumping on this issue. Jerry www.artandorchids.com
  4. Today I taught my 5 1/2 month old BC to run beside my bicycle. Two questions: 1) What is a safe distance for a dog this age to trot or run? We live in a rural area on mostly gravel roads. 2) If I got a pulling harness would it be OK? Collies don't seem to have the build for pulling, but would it be a problem? We go to foundation agility classes, which is my main interest, followed by Frisbee. Thanks, Jerry
  5. Kira, 4 months old on 10/15. Brought home at 8 weeks from a farm in Kau (Hawaii.)
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