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  1. I am glad someone was able to find Jeanne Bell's AWAY! poem on my Southern Ontario Border Collie Rescue website. It is beautiful, isn't it? This Sunday it will be two years since I bade my beloved Molly farewell. She was left with my Vet at 5 months of age, a very confused and anxious pup, about to be adopted by a clueless but determined me. In the 14.5 yrs we were together, she taught me so much. I wrote the Twilight poem as I sat waiting for the Vet to come, after Molly had not eaten for five days and could not stand. She had been fading for a while, with bouts of Vestibular Syndrome making it hard for her to keep her balance. The words just tumbled out of me with little prompting, accompanied by gallons of tears. When the first draft was done (the one posted here previously, that I sent to the Sheepdog List) I was exhausted, emotionally and physically. To my surprise, Molly woke up, and seemed more alert than she had been for a week. I offered her food and she ate, and then made it to her feet to go outside! I called the Vet and cancelled the appointment. For the next nine days we enjoyed a bout of Indian Summer with warm sunny days, and she spent most of them wandering about on the grass or sleeping in the sun. She seemed at peace. But when day ten dawned cold and grey, something in Molly changed as well. She made it quite clear to me that it was time to go. Here is the finished Twilight poem. Thank you for reading it. Twilight by Luan Egan (a tribute to Molly, a good Border Collie) The Fall is upon us. Leaves flash crimson, Then drop to nourish new life. In the twilight of an old dogs day I sit beside her feeble form I watch her dream of balls and sheep. I reflect on what has gone before How lucky I was that she found me She changed my life. The start of that journey Full of vibrant energy and enthusiasm Long walks, exploring life and new adventures All the things we worked through, Together. Soon, too soon She will be lost to my touch As she moves beyond my existence Forever into the realm of dreams. Soon, too soon I will have only my memories To comfort me, to remind me Of how special she is What she means to me. The time approaches old friend, To say goodbye That'll do, one last time. Until we meet again In that realm of dreams. Watch for me.
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