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  1. Thank you so much everybody! For the advice and for the compliments. My Ollie is my little love, I find myself just staring at him smiling while he's playing with a toy or chewing a dog bone lol. Seems a little silly, and it's the same way I was when my kids were babies! He's just such a loving fella
  2. Oh how touching!! Good for you and Tiga to be able to bring this family such happiness, I can't imagine what the boys' parents are feeling after this :-)
  3. Thank you Julie! You've given me some good tips Here is a picture of Ollie, it's about a month old so he's a little bigger now and his hair is losing that puppy fluff.
  4. Hi all! New border collie mom here And when I say new, I mean first time ever! Before we got my little boy Ollie, I knew nothing about border collies. I didn't realize how special they are and how much work, nor did I know that they end up in shelters so often. If I had known that, I would have gone to the shelter instead of an advertisement! Anyhow, we bought Ollie based on the fact that my kids instantly fell in love with him and his sweet personality. He is about the most adorable, sweetest creature I've ever seen. He's a member of our family, not a working dog on a ranch or someth
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