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  1. Since there are some upcoming trials in Wisconsin,which I am thrilled to be going to. Actually,this will be first trial I'm attending.So,I'm very excited to see dogs at work. Where hoping to get in contact with some sheltie handlers,learn more about the breed,& to learn more about herding. Just have a few basic questions about the trials: Typically,how do herding trials run? What should we bring? Thanks!
  2. If your wondering who Shiloh is,here you are Go here: http://www.bordercollie.org/boards/index.php?showtopic=34428 http://www.gonetothesnowdogs.com/shiloh.html This has been sad day for us, A close & good friend of ours Dog has passed away :(/>/> Shiloh, was A 11 year old Siberian Husky. About three weeks ago, she started to decline in health. She was diagnosed with many issues.Within the past week, she was recovering, she was getting better, & I thought she was going to pull through. Unfortunately,as of yesterday, she was rapidly declining in health. Today, she took turn for the worst. She wouldn't eat, she could not see or hear,her eye was getting worse,and was unbalanced when she walked.They was nothing they could do, the medication wasn't helping much,and she wasn't diagnosed with any disease.She had poor quality of life, they knew it was time. They euthanized her earlier in the day.They did the right thing, they knew she was in pain, and had no quality of life, they knew it was time.Shiloh has passed over Rainbow Bridge, illness & pain free. Though I'll never forget her, she may be gone, but she will always be in our hearts. I love Shiloh, Rest In Peace,Shiloh
  3. Yes, Shiloh does have allergies, & its A food that doesn't contain the ingredient. The dog is currently on Canidae, A grain-free formula.
  4. @Jovi/gcv-border: Exactly,that's what I'm thinking. My thought is that there multiple diease, that its just not one single diease. Who Knows? We can't diagnose over the Internet,nor are we Vets. It could be old age too, or both. She's doing much better, she's up & walking around, has A appetite. She still has A dropped jaw,& is unbalanced when she walks ,is having problems with her eye.
  5. ****UPDATE**** Shiloh has passed away, she was euthanized. Nothing was going right she lost her eyesight, went deaf, had more unbalanced walking, and she won't eat. :(/> Within the past day or so she declined rapidly. She was brought to the vet in the morning. She was suffering,was in pain, and had poor quality in life. They did the right thing, she is now has crossed rainbow bridge. She's pain free,and is not suffering. Maybe Shiloh & Ellie will met up. ~R.I.P Shiloh(& Ellie) You'll always be in our hearts~ Good evening USBCC members :D/> Sorry I've not been around much, I've been busy. A freind of ours currently has A 11 year old siberian husky. Here are the issues she's been diagnosed with. There are some of the diagnosed issues that have went away,& others she still has: • Dropped Jaw • Unbalanced Walking(Wobbly when she would walk) • Enlarged Heart • Low Red Blood Cell Count • Anemic • Vaginal infection • Infection in both ears They've been to be to three vets.She has had multiple tests. NOTHING has came up, she hasn't been diagnosed with any disease. Edit:Im doing this from my phone sorry about the grammar errors. http://m.facebook.com/gonetothesnowdogs?d=210688726947&_rdr
  6. After looking we found A breeder in Colorado. They do Agility & Herding. http://www.syler.com/sagebrush/index.htm Thoughts?
  7. In Wisconsin it's illegal to sell A dog before (either) Seven or Eight weeks. I forgot the the specific age, I'll need to check.I don't recommend letting puppy leave its litter mates before eight weeks of age,& for most breeders it raises red flag when they allow there puppies to go before eight weeks.As said above the only expectation is if •the breeder doesn't know what they are doing •the dam has lost interest in the litter •the dam and/or litter mates are of poor temperament and the pup is learning the wrong things" Quote from mum24dogs I agree 100% with that statement, I couldn't of said it better my self. I know of breeders/handlers who do agree with letting a Puppy out a six weeks.
  8. Neither would I feed any Ol'roy products,nor would I feed Kibbles'N'Bits,Beneful,or products similar to that. That's just my opinion though, & I am health conscious. I usually make my own treats or get all natural or organic treats(without by products soy,corn, or grains).
  9. Finally decision? Where avoiding "Herdabout Shelties",& while we're probably not getting a Sheltie from Jusdandy. I'm off the whole week, so I'm going to be talking some Agility & Stock Dog handlers,& researching the Internet for Sheltie. PM if you have any suggestions for breeders. Thanks for all the Answers,& Merry Christmas to you & your dogs.
  10. The freinds who we got her from purposely bred her, they want A "Hypoallergenic Borderdoodle",the Bitch was BC & the stud dog was as Standard Poodle. The BC was smoth coat.
  11. It's time that Introducd bindy, to these Boards(I don't know why i didn't do it early).I've just been answering questions, & basically creeping(i mean lurking around the forums. Anyways Bindy has been a fabulous addition to our life,she keeps on her toes with her high energy, and makes us laugh with her goofy antics. She adores Children, Dogs, & (some) cats. She does have a high prey drive, but has no herding instinct. Though, bindy seems to know a difference from home life, & when where doing Dog Sports or Activities. Bindy is Four year Border Collie Poodle mix. She was from a friend who could no longer take care of her due to situation. Bindy came to us in August,and her original owners occasionally come to visit her. We already had Cat,the first few days where rough, after that Jazzy settled down. Unfortunately, in September, Bindy was attacked by the neighbors Pit Bull terrier. The dog was clearly unstable, it was extremely Human & Animal Aggressive. We told the owner Animal Aggression in the breed, was genetic trait,& he allowed the dog to roam free anyway.Surprisingly Bindy still had to fear of dogs, she absolute a joy around them. Bindy is currently during Agility, Obedience, & we start doing Sledding. She currently knows about 50+ tricks,and she is quick to pick up commands.She has proofed recall, sit, down, wait,drop,and heel.We use variety of treats, always homemade. Bindy seems to prefer Rabbit & Lamb over most other treats.She Toy motivated, but also is Food motivated. This Christmas I will be receiving some Agility Equipment, & Slip lead. Pictures
  12. No need to apologize, its my fault I didn't read it cleary I went back & saw it was for another Litter, i quickly skimmed through the question...
  13. Oh, Roy very handsome :D/>/> I really want one of those puppies... So darn cute! Ok, understand I'm horrible with coming up with names,& my suggestions will be horrible. **D** Devlin Dalyell Be right back! I love the names Nova & Luna, eveb though there not a "D" make
  14. I appericate all the answers! Where going to be looking into different breeders, soon.
  15. Same problem here, I find it annoying.I'm also wondering the same thing.
  16. Sorry,about the statement, I do indeed want the breeder to do smart choices,I do wan them to do work there dogs,& prove them that they can do so.
  17. She does do health testing on some of her dogs,which Is big plus. I like both breeders, I'm debating which I should get. It seems the other breed is more focused on the dogs health,they do many health tests, but not as much Agility & Herding trails.
  18. Yeah! I saw this on ABC Forums, so I saw that the dog was found before. So happy, I'm glad he's home
  19. I'm wary of Claudia Frank, although some of you met her in person, it worries me deliberate breeds Merle to Merle(which can cause genetic defaults. I'll have to look more into this weekend, so far I'm like the first kennel.Some people here say I should purchase A Sheltie from her, while others do.
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