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  1. Ramses has so many talents ,I catch my self training and showing him things endlessly. But sometimes its fun to take him on a long hike and watch him be the awesome 10 month old he is. Here's a photo of that day.
  2. Thanks guys,i believe also that it's just a need for practice. If.we're in the field next to my shop playing frisbee he is excellent. But i guess going to the truck with me isn't as appealing as practicing with cattle,and finding deer bones.lol . Thanks for the advice.
  3. Ramses,my 8 month old male and i are bonding well. At least most of the time. He recalls wonderfully for days at a time . But occasionally absolutley refuses. He never runs out of earshot or disappears. He will always come to line of sight or within 10 feet or so. I'm wondering if its lack of respect for me or just occasional ,rambunctiousness. Ramses is never scolded for being hard to get back,and i rarely go to get him. He's always made to come to me,unlessnear the road. Any help or input is appreciated.
  4. I've scheduled a return visit this week to his vet. After the splint was removed he had no activity except to potty for about ten days. Then built gradually from five min walks up to twenty over the next ten days. He recalls well so we've let him jog around in the field. He has sprinted some so nothing off a the leash since the limp developed. Hopefully just a strained muscle,but we'll deal with it either way. He's my buddy and deserves no less. Thanks for your input and wellwishes.
  5. My 51/2 month old Ramses broke his tibia about 2 months ago. He has developed a limp after playtime,not immediately but after a nap or in the morning. He has been out of his splint for approximately 3weeks. No surgery was required. Could it just be sorness from getting back active. Or some sort of ligament injury.
  6. Having a nice lunch break at the park. With my exceptionally well behaved(today)handsome young man.
  7. I tried to post a pic but no luck. But he would wear himself out not letting them by. But the funniest thing is when puts them together. in a pool i almost lose it.
  8. He thinks he has to corral every leaf in the creek. Fall should be fun!
  9. Bugging my hateful cat maynard.ther're buddies though
  10. Ramses is my first bc. Got him at 8 weeks. This has been the most rewarding, "often difficult "3 months i've ever experienced with a pet. But now that we've clicked and i've grown into a pack leader he trusts. The way he obeys commands, his attentiveness towards me, are far more than i ever expected. He' s truly an amazing, happy-go-lucky beautiful pup. My research into bc' s made me want one, and Ramses is the perfect ambassador.
  11. Ramses doing well with recovery. Muscle tone coming back nicely with no pain or limping. Responding well to "2" ten minute walks per day. Much happier puppy.

  12. Yes x-rays were taken initially and at every splint change. I 'm not a vet so i can't say for sure exactly the location. I have confidence in my vet and will continue to follow his and your instructions, thank you.
  13. Yes it was seems to have healed perfectly str aight. But any advice or concerns i should looking for are greatly appreciate d.
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