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  1. Thanks for your answer. I put off the idea and I´m back on sheep. Days are getting longer and some days I try to put two short sessions. All the best Paul
  2. Hi Pam Very interesting reply and thanks for your advice. I am starting three bitch pups, they are stopping and know their sides. Starting to drive. I also dont have daily access to sheep but was thinking of buying three indian runners for doing complementary work the days I cant train on sheep. I only have a small yard, 20 by 20 meters. Do you think it would bake a difference? The sheep I train are from a friend, very light and fast, broke but good for young dogs Thanks for your advice Paul Walker
  3. Thanks!! yes we`ve done a bit of traveling! All the best Paul
  4. Hello, our news from Ireland. Jack is very well, we are competing in opens and he is starting to do some nice things, being myself the factor that mostly needs more training now. But getting better slowly. I started a new dog, his name is Tango, he is one year and a half, here are two videos of him, he completed his first open yesterday. All the best Paul Walker https://youtu.be/bTXqxffkMI0 https://youtu.be/0_qO_9fgvJc
  5. Thanks Gloria, it has been a long road, I still enjoy working with him and feel and see he never stops learning and trying. We are now in the nurseries, Jack is off age but we are running on the farmers class, which is very competitive here. Has had some good results here. I have other dogs but Jack is the most advanced and I like him because he shows courage always, much more than technique or experience, his heart is always there. This is a video of him the other morning (days here are very short, and wet and windy) https://youtu.be/FKdlpJXB1lc i am working his flanks because he i
  6. Yes, I came here with the dream of learning more about dogs, then got a job with horses, training and preparing them to be exported to England for cross country and sports. Beside our house, I have a big field and a friend lent me 4 sheep. It is very cheap to go to trials, there are every weekend and everything is relatively close. Sheep are tricky in most places, but that is what it is all about here. I bought two pups and am starting some dogs out of a breeder. And Jack is doing fine, I made a click and realised I had schooled him too much, I am trying to go back to letting him work and t
  7. Hello, its been a long time. Finally I am living in Ireland, working with horses, training Jack and starting some pups. Ive been to 7 trials, have 4 sheep and a field. This is my latest video of Jack on a flock of a friend. Hope you enjoy it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_K6bXmoDPZ4
  8. Thanks TEC, I hope all goes well.. I will send another video in some time meanwhile... I wish you all a happy Christmas and best start for 2015.. Paul www.amansepatagonia.com
  9. Hello. I corrected him to correct his line, because I am practicing control in different places of the circle. The command I gave isn't correct, I should say walk up (not cup) and in a smooth way, not harsh. It is much easier to control on this side of the circle, much less pressure and the dog knows you are near... Greetings Paul
  10. Hello Tec. Thanks for your words and for all the help you gave me. What is an inside flank? The excersise is like this... the dog is behind you, you are between him and the sheep, facing the sheep. You flank the dog to your right (away) and you can stop him any place between yourself and 3. If he is in a good distance you can make him push and walk with him, because your distance to the sheep will be the distance he will be at on the next flank. If your dog nows well his flanks, you can give him the other flank, come bye, and the dog should come back to you, pass behind you and go on travel
  11. First I taught him off sheep to walk behind with a command. For the first runs behind I called his name, then said the command to walk behind, and then the flank, stoping him before he arrived to other side of the half of the circle. The idea is that the dog must learn to flank and stop independent to your position. The half circle can go moving around the sheep, can also move through the field and can be done between short outruns or other exercises. You can stop the dog much easier than when he is in the other half of the circle. Later when driving, you give a flank command and the dog tr
  12. Hello This is what I did... when I arrived here I went to a trainer that told me jack was too tight and didn't know how to balance, which was right, He relied too much on my commands and got desperate if I let him alone or to think by himself. I did 3 or 4 sessions of short outruns, no commands, stoping him at 12 and letting him bring the sheep alone, then doing 8s and making him think. He eventually progress a bit on this. Then I went to a 15 day job in a farm in france, did two sessions, the first one, he was tight, fast and didn't understand very well what he had to do. The second one, I
  13. Here is another video of today... http://youtu.be/dv28-ep8DME and another one http://youtu.be/LyQ6Ol_lTkM Cheers Paul
  14. Thank you very much!!! I finally made a video of Jack, I hadnt read your comments when I filmed him, but this is the stage he is now, plus doing outruns, driving... Not very easy in Italy, lots of traveling by train and working sheep in diferent places, but Im lucky that Jack remembers his lessons very well, and doesnt need a lot of training to progress. I would love to work him every day but cant now... He has had 2 and a half months here in europe training one time per week, sometimes I get to two. I hope you can see the video well... greetings.. Paul http://youtu.be/3G_iGcLJc2Y
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