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  1. hi all we been giving our border collie a little tripe with his normal meal . i read that tripe is the best thing to feed your dog i know it smells discustiing but our puppy loves it he licks his dish for ages this is telling me that our dog loves it . we don't know how much to feed him per day . can anyone give me some feed back on the benefits of this food as in googal a lot do say its a super food for a dog and dogs live longer . my sister as a border collie dog with a grass allergy will tripe be ok for this . any help please can you post your comments if you feed your dog tripe and what you have noticed in your dog since you been feeding him/her it
  2. no problem and thankyou for letting me write in the forum . borderman
  3. hi thanks i'm using the long lead and training him to leave it as he knows what this is when the swifts come in close on the field he just sits there now but he is still fixated on them lol i would still not trust him thou with the lead off .every where we go he gets lots of attention he is a pedigree and both perents have been hip scored .if you put the chasing aside he's a great dog with very good temperament thanks for getting back to me .
  4. thanksyou for the reply any help on this problem would be great i will to try anything to get this distraction out of the way .do you think hes still young to stop him running after birds .??????
  5. Hi all i need some help we tried to correct the Behaviour by useing high value treats toys and trying to distract him but when he gets fixated on swifts and other birds he will not respond to the recall command and he just run's after them ,we put a long lead on him but what can we try and get him out of this Behaviour,he is ok with the recall when there are no distractions like this .he responds to sit ,stand,down,stay and is very good considering he is only 20 weeks old have anyone got anything i can try that will help improve the recall command and reinforce it .i have lost confedents in letting him run off the lead since he as started chasing birds as we don't want him runing off or getting killed on the roads .
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