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  1. I posted here a few months ago about finding a trainer near me. I can't seem to find the old thread and I think we are ready to start! =) Can anyone point me in the direction of a good trainer near Wausau WI? I remember Big Yellow Boots was mentioned, but I was hoping to find something a bit closer to home. Any suggestions?
  2. Thanks! I think I have it all set to be sent out tomorrow!
  3. Oh and one more thing before I send this out... do I make the check out to ABCA or American Border Collie Association?
  4. Thank you so much! Do you know about how long it takes to be processed and the new papers to be sent back?
  5. Thanks everyone! Just to make sure I have this right... I send the original copy of her papers and a $11 transfer of ownership fee (if paying by check) to the new address in GA? Do i need to fill out any forms to send with?
  6. Could somebody tell me how to transfer the ABCA registration papers to my name? The transfer of ownership has been signed and dated, but do I need to send them in somewhere? I couldn't seem to find anything on the ABCA page. Sorry for the noob question, lol. This is my first ABCA BC =P
  7. Hello everyone! We are bringing home our new BC on Tues and I was wondering if anyone could offer any tips on introducing the new dog to our other dogs. Out of our 2, our girl loves other dogs and I know she will be fine, but our boy has been a bit dog reactive lately. He doesn't seem aggressive, just loud and and I am sure kinda scary to a new pup. He is 11 mo old and is neutered I also wanted to add that he will be making the road trip with me to pick her up. I know that it's probably not ideal to stick them in a car together at first, but we couldn't find a doggy sitter. An
  8. We have 2 BCs (soon to be 3!) and 2 cats. They get along great for the most part. They only time Evie ever bothers the cats is when they get in to places they shouldn't be, and then she herds them out. Dexter plays great with the cats but we have to keep him away from the litter boxes or he will go digging for snacks... (Ewwww)
  9. I think he looks like a BC to me. Both my BC's curl their tails up when they are in a playful mood as well. Here is a pic of my girl with her tail curled
  10. That would be amazing! Auburndale is a little less than an hour from here. =)
  11. Thank you for all the tips and advice. I will definitely check out the links and get in touch with John. I am sure I have a lot more to learn than the dogs do. =P Gideons girl, no, I have never brought Evie or Dexter to sheep before. Evie has been around horses, cattle and deer when she was younger, but not since we moved to the city. She definitely has a high drive and I would love to see how she does with sheep, although we are still working on her issue with men which makes bringer her places a little more difficult. (She has gotten much better though!) Dexter really is a low drive dog
  12. Thank you for your reply and the helpful links, I will definitely check them out. I am in Wausau WI, and Portage isn't too terribly far (about an hour an a half), so I will have to get in touch with him. =) It would be nice to find something a little closer if possible, but I haven't had much luck. I know I have to wait for the real livestock training, but there really isn't anything I can do to prepare her, or myself for it while she is younger other than basic obedience? Maybe I am just overly excited and getting ahead of myself, but I want to make sure I don't miss any opportunities f
  13. Hello. We will be bringing home our 3rd BC is just a few weeks, and I would love to get her started on hearding. I am aware she needs to be a bit older before she can actually work livestock, but what are some of the stepping stones I could do when she is young to get her ready? Any tips for a beginner? Also, could anyone recommend a herding trainer near northern WI? I haven't been able to find much. Thanks =)
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