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  1. Hi everyone! Our family's newest member is a 4-1/2 month old border collie named Monty. He is our third BC, second puppy. I am hoping for some tips about teaching him to settle at bedtime in his crate. If we put him in his crate at bedtime and close the door, he will not settle in the crate. He will just get himself worked up. On the other hand, if we let him settle outside of the crate, once he's settled we can move him to his crate and he'll go right inside, lay down and sleep through the night without a peep. This has been working fine for the last few weeks because I've had
  2. Has anyone tried having a designated spot where digging is allowed, essentially a doggie sand box? I was wondering if that is a good or bad idea.
  3. I don't think there are any hard and fast rules about how long it will take a puppy to adjust. It will certainly vary based upon exactly what issues the puppy has, the level of skill and experience of the handler, the techniques that are being used, as well as other factors in the environment. For example, it's possible that on your outings he is getting quickly pushed beyond his threshold, which is causing him to shut down and not allowing him to make progress. Or, sometimes it's hard to recognize small but incremental progress - either because we've forgotten what the behavior truly was li
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