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  1. http://www.gundoghousedoor.com/articles/sanitary_dog_kennel.php Has anyone tried a septic system similar to the above? We are also trying to design an outdoor kennel with concrete runs. Thanks
  2. Yes he will be in the house with me anytime I am there except for sleeping. Thanks
  3. Considering that I spend more time in the barn than in the house, even on the days I work, quite a bit :-) And yes, I thought this was the working stockdogs section, I should have clarified. We run several sizes of calves and a few sheep as well. Thanks
  4. I am getting a new puppy in a couple of weeks and was wanting some training suggestions. In the past I have taught puppies down and sit with treats, to come when called, wait to leave their pen until given a release word, and to ride in the utv/pickup. Also socialization. Any other suggestions and good methods of puppy raising. I will probably keep him in a separate pen in the barn for a few weeks before moving him to his pen in the kennel. Thanks!
  5. Make your gates plenty wide! And driveways with plenty of room on both sides. Our own equipment has gotten larger over the past 30 years! In addition, we have also had a need to have lime spread (have to get the lime truck and spreader in), fescue combined (combines are wide!) weeds sprayed (co op sprayer is wide), not to mention disc and planter if you plan to do any row cropping or even to totally replant a pasture, will you be having your place hayed? most of the more modern rakes are harder to navigate through a small gate than an older side delivery rake. A tractor that can handle larg
  6. playing like cats and dogs! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32cIc4Yfvq0&feature=youtu.be
  7. I agree with kingfisher, I would want to know that my dog was being cared for. And, I'm sure they would both benefit from seeing each other.
  8. Interesting thread. In on of the previous posts the prevalence of bacteria and antibiotics in processed chicken was discussed. It is for that reason that we grow most of our own meat; chicken, rabbit and grassfed beef. It is too bad that so much of our country's meat is 'factory produced'. An increase in antibiotic usage is a byproduct of the 'factory farming' and confinement operations that a lot of our food comes from, this wasn't such an issue with small family farms.
  9. Great pictures in that calendar Alchemist!
  10. I ordered the nebca calendar, couldn't pass up all the working pictures! I may need to order another for the barn though.... hmmmm.
  11. I am looking for a border collie calendar for this year. Does anyone know of a club that has a calendar for a fundraiser? Thanks
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