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  1. Thank you everyone for your replies. It doesn't really matter If she is a BC, but I was curious because I couldn't believe I found such a nice puppy in a city shelter. She had been there over 30days when I adopted her. But if she is a BC, I can get her limited registry to take her to AKC/UKC agility trials in the future. She is a joy and I will keep the pictures coming as she grows. Thanks again all. Jenna
  2. The other dog is a BC/Aussie mix. He is my disc, agility, and dock diving pup and goes just about everywhere with me. Thank you for your input, I know puppy pictures are hard to tell things from.
  3. Do you guys think this pup has some BC in her? She is still pretty thin, but way healthier than she was a week ago. I hope she does because I would love to have found my next disc dog.
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