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  1. it takes a bit of effort to tire out a BC. I have tried the frisbee too and she started catching them on the fly. Playing fetch with a chuck it for extra long throw is another great method for tiring Molly. I love my bC but she has way more energy then I do. We went camping and she did quite well on the leash, although some of our hikes are steep and for some of the hikes with climbing that she was off leash for the steeper grade for everyone 's safety. She learned to swim this past week, my BC loves water.
  2. I was thinking of all the slosh factor we as humans carry around...I am not as young as I think!! Good ideas on equal weight - I haven't bought the pack yet, she is just pup. Wondering if she will continue to grow.
  3. HIking and again leash frustration, we tried some different methods to see what worked best. If I had Molly and she was leading she tended to be more growly and unsure of passing by hikers. If my daughter or husband led and Molly was in the middle - we had no issues at all. Also tried having her sit and casually talking to strangers in friendly way. I guess she is trying to decide who is a wolf or a sheep...friend or foe. If she saw that people were interacting with us immediately responded with a calm friendly manner. One young couple loved her so much they must of spent a good 15 minutes petting her. If she leads she must feel responsible or protective. After 2 hours into the hike she could lead or not, no issues. Increased confidence or less anxiety due to a long walk....I am not a dog guru but I can be observant enough to see if it works.
  4. Hi, We have a 6 month old BC mixed with 1/4 retriever. Currently scent training to be a DAD diabetic alert dog. We like to hike and thought a backpack for the dog would be hand to carry my daughters supplies. Any luck having your BC wear a backpack? I thought a water bottle and collapsable drinking dish would be handy for those long day hikes too. more info- Currently we all carry hip packs with two water bottles per person and we share with the dog. My dd also carries an addition small backpack with Emergency supplies. If your unfamiliar with type 1 diabetes - exercise and fresh air can make their blood sugar drop quickly. We need to bring sugary foods and protein along to keep her safe. Diabetics are 3 times more likely to get dehydrated - so she also carries extra water. Its NOT that she can't do it, she just has to be prepared..she can do anything she puts her mind too. btw Molly again alerted successfully at home. During our hike she did not alert- need to work on generalization- alerting in high distraction of scents and activity.
  5. Thanks for the link! I see they have backpacks for dogs too...I been thinking of getting one for our hikes. Great prices too!! Bonus!
  6. Just googled leash aggression, not sure if I post links, but found some good articles on it. Molly has some ball obsession here. I wonder if she is thinking "Ball" Ball" oh throw the ball already! thanks for the good input on leash aggression.
  7. I kinda froze too, I guess my immediate reaction was slow. I would of dropped the leash if it was the soft one but it was the bulky retractable one and it scares Molly if its dropped. Good ideas on the commands I will try to remember that. The owner of the dogs was running slightly behind. I just said Molly is friendly but is more fearful on the leash when meeting new dogs. After the leash was off she played with the lab and even was a bit submissive going under the labs chin and looking up.
  8. We were traveling and crating Molly in the van, she did get a mile walk in but more rest with the long drive. At a park- two dogs unleashed came quickly to see Molly on the leash. A small Brittany spaniel and large black lab - came nose to nose with Molly- her Hackles were raised and she started to growl and bark. The Brittany lunged at her. I notice this behavior more on the leash then off. We removed the Brittany. Let Molly off leash to run a bit. The lab and Molly played nicely. Apparently the Brittany is a bit harder to socialize. What would you do if you encounter two dogs while yours is on a leash? The dogs went nose to nose instead of sniffing back ends- Ways safely stop aggressive behavior. ps. I knew both dogs, the lab is generally mellow, the Brittany is more a people dog than socializing dog.
  9. Thanks! Molly is doing well. I haven't attempted the water dish recently, but like your ideas. The dog she growled at was a new dog a blue hound tick mix and owner stated she was a bit aggressive with water too ..odd?! The click to calm soulnds intriguing- except I am not a big fan of clickers- I get chronic migraines and that clicker is just LOUD to me. but I like seeing how some are using it with great success- maybe a soft clicker out there? I am going to address a new topic of leash lunging and hackles...lol I know we will get a wild assortment of tips- love it !
  10. Thank for sharing that! It must be a fearful reaction. The first visit to the vet was for being spayed and she growled until the lady sat down and then Molly sat at the assistants feet and was sweet. I may have been a bit apprehensive as this was her apt to be fixed. Second visit went better. I brought treats- when she calmly looked at the vet or assistant she got a treat. No growling, so I think the growling could of been her sensing my apprehension at the last apt. Thanks for the book suggestions to previous poster- I was thinking of getting some good books too. Molly is still just a pup, but she is learning quickly and when I send clear messages she learns and we are all happy.
  11. I do understand what your saying , so if you take your dog's food you swap for a better and then give it back. What I do is ask Molly to sit, then when she is sitting I place her food down, then she looks at me and I give her an okay and she then eats, or she leaves it. I don't take her food away, just toys or bones- sometimes I get that you have a bone to chew and get stuck in one thought. btw MOlly is Amazing, last night she alerted me to my young daughter's low blood sugar of 40 and when that happens she gets jackpot of treats. She such a blessing to us, of course we love her. Again thanks for insight on your training tips, I know we may not all agree, but hearing how one BC owner trains can give us options if our method is not working...please remember that - be kind.
  12. My friend does the same thing with her dog too. I believe she got it out of a book from the Dog whisper, understanding the pack behavior and she has been very successful with her training. Just like raising children we are are going to see different training styles. With the chicken bone I think its important to get it away fast, not search for a special treat, because then she thinks stealing trash is good and then she gets a better treat. Oh thanks to whoever said give a better treat when resource guarding with water dish, I tried that with my cats. They got string cheese and instead of Molly going after the cat's treat I gave her a better treat. Told her to leave the cats, when she made eye contact - she got her treat. So the better treat has good value, and I thank you for the tip
  13. I think you misunderstood. Raised three small children with my first border collie and of course didn't allow tugging, but I want a dog that is oaky with me touching her ears and feet. I am not tugging hard..lol I have seen puppies do more with one another. Sometimes it is necessary to take food away- these are pets not humans. Ever see a dog swipe a chicken bone out of the trash? I know you love your pets and so do I but in proper perspective. I am not teaching resource guarding, I will play with her food while she eats. I will take a bone away and check it then give it back . This is taught in all 3 puppy training classes at 3 different locations...must be doing something right. Clarify - my dog does not resource guard with us, not with food, not with toys, not with anything... in fact she loves to bring toys and socks and other nifty items like shoes to us. The only time she growled at a new dog in our yard, 1 st time at our house and it was over water dish. She is fine with dogs she knows. Seems to not be an issue, neighbor 's dog and her played and shared quite nicely. Vet gave her a treat at the last visit and she waggled her tail. We are doing great! Enjoyed reading your posts. ps rereading my first post. I thought I was being clear but I can see how some may skip parts and assume the worst.
  14. Resource guarding is unfamiliar to me, but it makes sense. I have been training her the "leave it" command. So when I accidentally dropped a bottle of ibuprofen, the leave it command worked great and the pup is safe. So how to teach not to guard resources? I understand time outs, but the initial training is with another puppy? Molly was just spayed and is not happy with the funny cone collar. Can I do this training without another dog? I am trying to keep her calm for a few days...and it is tough because the high energy. The vet situation was odd, and the assistant and vet were afraid. I had to hold my dog for the initial part of the procedure. I think she sensed their fear which didn't help. Before the vet visit we hike a few miles near a dog friendly park. After the dog was fixed they had no issues with putting a collar on her or working with her. I just needed to reassure the BC is friendly. Thinking a new vet? Googling: resource guarding. I wonder if Any u-tube videos on how to work on resource guarding? She is that way with treats at puppy class too. I am surprised this was not addressed at the puppy classes. BTW Molly growled at a stranger on our walk and the stranger got down to Molly's level and proceeded to lick his face and give the full body wiggle then snuggled on his feet....you would think she was "his" dog.
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