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  1. Originally a verbal correction (her name, a "hey") would interrupt the behavior temporarily meaning she would back off and circle. Now, the verbal does not always work, probably because it is difficult to always catch it so I can't make it consistent. I have only tried verbal correction at this time - she will not dive in at him while she is near me and I have not thought of another way to correct her. Also, in verbally correcting her, the male dog will back off the toy as well and come to me which takes away some of her focus until he is engaged again. The verbal correction does not last.
  2. Alright experts (which is every one of you because you have all been in this far longer than I), I have a behavioral question/issue and would really like some feedback and/or input. If I have put this in the incorrect topic, please let me know. So, I have four Border collies. A 6 year old male, a 3 year old female, a 2 1/2 year old female and a 5 month old female. The 6 and 3 year olds I have owned for the past 2 - 2/12 years and the other two were just brought in 3 months ago. It has been rough transitioning from a 2 dog household to a 4 dog household (with my very first puppy at that
  3. All four are locked away in crates at night. And no comfy beds for them either, just maybe a towel (since they will all just ball it up into a corner anyways and anything foam or stuffing filled equals a fun destructo-toy). Boy don't I sound mean compared to all these other homes!
  4. Congratulations on a new puppy! I am also about to pick up my (first ever) puppy, so I am eagerly reading the suggestions. I second the question of what height does everyone recomend for the x pen? Does anyone have preferences for a long line for the puppy to drag in terms of weight and length (or suggested material - leash vs. twine vs. biothane)? And this will probably sound like a silly question, but about what size crate does everyone start out with? I know you can use dividers, but for a typical border collie puppy, what should the crate size be from the beginning?
  5. I can't share any experiences with you BUT have you looked at having it compounded? When drugs go on back order or become hard to get your hands on, compounding pharmacies can fill the gap. Sometimes having a drug compounded is actually less expensive than purchasing it as a generic or as a brand named drug - but not always and certainly not if it is a drug on the $4 Walmart Generic list. I might give a call over to Wedgewood Pharmacy or some other compounding pharmacy to look into it if the drug has worked so well for you - or ask your vet to do so for you. (I am a vet tech so calling the
  6. I am going with the majority on this one - collar with ID, preferably riveted on if they are prone to loosing tags, and a microchip for back up. I work at a vet office and it would probably shock you the number of people that love to bring in a dog they found and decided to keep. They don't know the situation of why that dog was running loose but automatically assume that means the dog is unloved and unwanted, so they decide not to contact any authorities or even look for an owner and just keep the dog. The state I live in has rules about this, so if they tell us (note I said IF THEY TEL
  7. I am not going to comment on whether you should or should not - I will leave that to people who have far more experience than I do. But, I did want to make a few comments about working ducks, especially in relation to a young dog. First of all, not every dog will work ducks and how they work ducks may differ from what you see on sheep. There are dogs that will act like ducks do not exist on thier radar, dogs that do not see ducks as working stock and will be likely to chase/bite/kill the ducks, and dogs that will actually be more confident on ducks and show more natural prowess on them.
  8. Epilepsy is a very difficult disease to deal with. I adopted an Australian Shepherd who started seizing after I had him for about a month or so. He did have a severe form of epilepsy - he had cluster seizures (sometimes 2, other times up to 5 in less than a 4 hour period), always grand mal, approximately every 2 weeks. He ended up on Zonisamide and Keppra, but I never got his epilepsy under full control. After I had him for about 9 months, he had a "stroke" like event that resulted loss of deep pain and paralysis in 3 out of 4 quadrants of his body where upon I elected humane euthanasia.
  9. VetGen (vetgen.com) offers DNA color and coat testing aka ChromaGene! You can test for just one or several colors. To test for red, the cost is $55 to sate your curiousity on if your dog carries a red gene. http://www.vetgen.com/ordertests.aspx?id=Border Collie Yeah, I was told the whole if it looks red in sunlight, it carries red. I have a dog that carries red, he is blue black as can be in the sun.
  10. I haven't tried it yet - and you would probably have to be careful with weather and all, but others have suggested freezing plain yogurt in the kong. If it works, then that would be a really digestible and easy on the stomach filling. Kong's website also talks about plain applesauce, mashed potatos, canned pumpkin, canned pumpkin mixed with bananas, canned pumpkin mixed with kibble, scrambled eggs and cheese, yogurt/oatmeal/peaches, chicken/rice/peas/carrots/gravy, peanutbutter/bacon/bananas, and even a recipe for easy digestion that has canned pumpkin/shredded apple/flaxseed/salmon brot
  11. I just put a Seresto collar on my two a few weeks ago. The product does work when wet, but it is important to note that the flea aspect of the collar will be decreased to a 5 month duration if it is chronically wet - ie. bathing a dog or swimming the dog more than once a week. This does not effect the tick aspect of the collar. I live in a heavily tick infested area of SE Virginia and, on a day where I pulled close to a dozen ticks off of me standing in the grass, my dog was moving through the tall and thick grass/woods/brambles working on blind outruns and I only found 3 dead ticks on
  12. Abdominocentesis- or tapping the abdomen to draw out fluid is actually not a horribly painful event. I know, we can't tell how much pain a dog experiences and we think of the same procedure on us and imagine how painful it is. But, I have performed several abdominocentesis and the dogs/cats actually feel relief from the procedure. If your dog is uncomfortable, your vet may give them an injection for pain or for slight sedation to make the process easier but most vets will do this on a case by case basis since we don't light to do much sedation on dogs with heart problems. An abdominocentes
  13. Before I duck, cover, and peak behind the sofa to watch and see what gets written about that, I want to point out one very basic thing that is the core of why everyone here is so adament about breeding for herding ability. Everything you love about the breed, the intelligence, speed, trainability, willingness, the want to please, the want to work, the general WANT TO all exists BECAUSE of what it was bred to do - which is to herd, to be able to go a mile away from the handler and think on its own to bring in the livestock, to want to work as a partner but ability to also think on its own.
  14. So I am assuming that your contract does not actually state or make a guarantee that your pup would be genetically CEA clear. My guess would be without a statement of that effect, there is no recourse. But, not to stir the pot or anything, is there a reason that you are angered by your dog being a CEA carrier? That just means that if/when you breed, you has to find a clear dog to use as the stud. I know that there is some debate with CEA for the fact that this can randomly (or not so random I would guess) mutate back into a gene line. I do not personally know of anyone who had that mut
  15. Due to the recent weather, the ground is too wet for parking or to make a suitable trial field. We will be rescheduling - please stand by for our new dates.
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