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  1. Awesome, congratulations! What a great achievement
  2. What treats? That depends on you & your dog. What food? Again, dependent on you & your dog. Rigorous work? Define 'rigorous' Collar vs. harness? Up to you, I know a few people prefer their dogs to wear harnesses to avoid hurting their necks, but most people use collars. Swimming? This is an individual dog thing. Some do, some don't. Praise/treats/play? Again, an individual dog thing. Agility? I think that would be good for any dog! I don't know about any breeders, but if you give us a rough idea of what you're looking for, someone may be able to help.
  3. http://breedingbetterdogs.com/pdfFiles/articles/early_neurological_stimulation_en.pdf
  4. Lots of nice, smallish border collie mixes around in shelters I bet My girl is a jack russell x border collie, she weighs 26lbs, but most of the terrier/BC mixes I know are a lot smaller than her. As someone else said, you can find nice small border collies too. A friend of mine has a working bred BC girl that is the same size as my terrier/BC! I find that BCs tend to get annoyed with Elsie though, they don't seem to enjoy her play style that much. If you're looking for actual breeds, I find miniature poodles tend to get on well with BCs, they are SUPER snuggly, will keep up well on walks and playing chase with BCs and are very clever too.
  5. It's an interesting question, especially if you're interested in a breed that may not be able to have its original function tested. I imagine that there must be someone out there herding with pembrokes, but I could also imagine that it might just be at AKC level? There are so many herding breeds, but if you're an actual farmer with lots of stock to move (especially over a lot of terrain) I would think that you would be looking at a breed with a little more leg like an ACD? Hmmm interesting....
  6. The particular dog I am talking about is a very typical looking border collie bitch, black & white, rough coat, typical markings... Gorgeous girl - just tiny! Mine is a mix though, a JRT x BC, funnily enough she is a good 2 inches taller than the purebred BC bitch I mentioned!
  7. Not sure on weights, but there is a border collie running agility here that is under 16 inches in height! Pretty tiny!
  8. Funny, Elsie (BC cross) has no trouble finding which car we're supposed to go in, and as I don't drive we catch rides with a lot of different people to everywhere we go, so we're getting into different cars every time! She always picks the right one!
  9. I always enjoy seeing courses from other countries, if you do too, here are some New Zealand agility courses > http://www.dogagility.org.nz/courses.html Our levels go starters > novice > intermediate > senior, and from jumpers C > A.
  10. She is GORGEOUS! I just love those pricked ears!!
  11. There's someone that does agility with her pugs here, they're really fast, drivey little dogs surprisingly! Dobermans are another breeds that don't always swim very well... I know of quite a few that sink!
  12. My bitch started cocking her leg at 6 months LOL.
  13. If you had aspirations to compete internationally, would you *have* to trial in AKC to earn a place on an international team? Quite glad we just have one venue here, and very, very glad our shows are so much cheaper to enter!
  14. My friend's cute blue BC girl And another friend's blue BC girl, who looks very similar to the girl above but they are totally unrelated!
  15. Elsie goes for an off-lead walk every day, we live in town so it's usually in a park. We also do some training and fetch while in the park. Some days we go to the forest with other dogs and she runs around like a loony. She plays a lot of tug at home, and we play all sorts of games and teach tricks in the house
  16. In NZ the only titles you can list are ones the dog has earned, and if the dog earns something higher it replaces the prior title. For example if your dog is an obedience champion, then becomes an obedience grand champion he is just an OBGRCH not OBGRCH OBCH. If my dog was... Cute Puppy UD AD RN And then we achieved a UDX ADX and RA her name would not be Cute Puppy UD UDX AD ADX RN RA It would be Cute Puppy UDX ADX RA Championship titles always go in front of the dog's name, and everything else behind. Technically things like high in trial and best in show are not titles, so do NOT go on a dog's name. We don't have that many titles here, so alphabet-soup names are pretty limited! We don't have multiple agility venues or anything.
  17. Wow cute! What a teeny tiny border! My jack russell x border is about 18 inches!
  18. What method did you RC people use to train them? I am going to train my Elsie to do RC over this summer while I have a lot of access to agility gear... I like blind crosses, but too scared to use them! Maybe I should do some reading up on them! LOVE this run! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsQDN-ovZ6I
  19. Sure why not? As long as the dogs are not being harmed in any way it's just a bit of fun... People need to chill out.
  20. I spend more money on things for Elsie than for myself. She sleeps in my bed between me and the (formerly dog hating) b/f when we sleep in on weekends. She has had free roam of the whole house since she was 5 months old, she has never destroyed anything and spends most of her day sleeping on my pillow. She goes all over the couches, including walking along the back of them. We wrestle and tug with her. She has her own facebook page... I feed her scraps off the plate (she still doesn't beg though!). I buy her a little ice cream when she is being good at an agility show. She gets raw food and a not grain free kibble. She does pull on the lead occasionally, I know I shouldn't let her, but I don't care that much. She gets bathed way too often (wish she would stop rolling in sh*t).
  21. First clip is a huntaway video, then some doubles A Dog's show
  22. I had never really encountered any anti-breeder attitude in real life or online until I read this thread, then the next day at the airport I saw a girl with a shaved head, emo glasses and a shirt that said "Don't breed while shelter dogs DIE".
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