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  1. What is she getting so distracted with outside? When Keeva is working she will not go . I give her a that'll do and we take a walk (luckily off leash) and then she goes, almost on cue.
  2. Hello, In upstate New York dogs are being used to keep canadian geese off of golf courses. I am lucky enough to live fairly close to a golfcourse that does not use chemicals and pesticides. However they are having geese issues even causing damage to the geese being hit by golfers. My reason for my broder collie originally was to help out the golf course. Recall would be easy if the dog can hear you. A whistle comes in handy. The problem is keeping the geese away for good. On my property my border collie has successfully moved the enormous wild turkey population away.
  3. Hi, Keeva is 8 months now. She has never had an accident in the house since we brought her home at 8 weeks. One thing to keep in mind after any play whether mental or physical you pup will need to pee. For some reason Keeva has to go both between 5:30 and 7:30 pm whether she has gone previously or no matter where we are or what we are doing. I guess it is her internal clock.
  4. I have a 13 year old chocolate lab and an 8 month old bc. When the weather gets warmer the coyotes come a little too close for comfort. We tried to stop the lab from barking and realized it would pass when the coyotes moved on. Neighbors learned that barking was a good thing. Maybe this too will pass.
  5. I have been reading the boards here since last October when I drove to Oklahoma from New York to pick up my border collie pup. She is now 8 months old and I do not know how i managed without her. I wish that I had the time to blog or write down all the amazing and sometimes hard transistions we have hard. I new what i was in for and still do. I think so many people who purchase the most amazing looking puppies just need to have patience and time to spend because it is has been so worth it. In New York there are many BC's looking for homes from about 4-6 months old. Funny that was when my pup began to get way to busy. (LOL).
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