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I am the Proud owner of Addie, whom I purchased from a reputable Breeder when she was 7 weeks old. She is now about 3 months and the love of my life.. (Besides my hubby, kids and 5 grandchildren). She is my best friend and constant companion already. I love this. She tries to help me in anything I do, which can be annoying but is so so cute. We live upstate New York, we have a 40 acre Berry Farm and I think we are a very active family. I love this breed of dog. I had a BC when my children were small and she was their BEST Nanny. Unfortunately, I had to go to work and they had to go to school so our BC had to go live on a farm, where she was very happy. Now that I am home all day and have the time, I am enjoying the wonderful company of my devoted new little girl.

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