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  1. Sigh. I just switched to TOTW from Diamond because of the recall... Don't think it is on the list, but I expect it to be soon. This is why I am so eager to get my herd of cattle going. And our goat for milk. And our chickens... And the garden. I'm going to enjoy it so much when I know where all of my meat and such is coming from and then I can stop getting all of these darned emails about recalled dog food. Amen to the day I get 100 acres...
  2. Thought you guys may like to see these. They are pretty cool and clever. This shop offers several other breeds as well. http://www.etsy.com/shop/PopDoggie?ref=top_trail http://www.etsy.com/listing/90222641/border-collie-dog-breed-magnet-set http://www.etsy.com/listing/99275225/border-collie-modern-dog-art-herd-you Hope you enjoyed!
  3. Well, I am members of both this board, and an ACD board; I spend hours going through pretty much the first thread ever posted to the current ones. Hubbie thinks I am crazy. I think my best bet is to both go to herding trials, in addition to maybe even fostering both breeds. It is funny, because there are people on this board who have had ACD's and now pretty much only have BC's and on the other board, there are people who used to have BC's and now only have ACD's. I think it is a personality thing. I think that in the end it is finding a dog that fits into your lifestyle and your own personal needs. I already have a rescue for ACD's set up to foster with when I get back to MI. Now I just need to get set up with a BC rescue. I will probably alternate for a while on fosters and make a decision after that, unless I end up with a failed foster, or maybe one of each, or ACD/BC mix. I've heard those are the greatest dogs because they have traits from both dogs.
  4. Thank you for all of the great responses! And thank you for being so friendly, as some forums would just blow me off for not being a regular. I do like a dog that will stick like glue to my side and is specifically devoted to me. That is actually a really strong trait that I am looking for. What I like about ACD's: They seem to have more of an "off" switch, from what I have read. For example, after work is done, or if they don't have a job one day, they are okay with it. They don't obsess nearly as much over work as a BC, from what I have heard. I'm sure that it depends on the individual dog, but as a generalization. They stick to you like glue. They aren't scared to take it another step with the cattle. http://www.ksranchheelers.com/ is the breeder I would be going through if I did not rescue. The only reason I am leaning more towards going through a breeder is because I do want a working dog... And that is what these guys are bred to do. Also, because they are health tested, there is a less chance of them having health issues. What I like about BC's: They are absolutely gorgeous. I love their look. They seem to be better as a family dog. They seem to have a less intense way with the cattle. They seem to be more lovey than an ACD. They are freaking smart as a whip, which ACD's are intelligent as well, but these guys are just number one for intelligence. I do not have a breeder picked out that I would go through for a BC. I am pretty picky about that, and I just haven't found The One yet. (I'm more picky about where I get my dog than where I got my husband. ) I am definitely considering fostering both breeds before I make any decisions. Thank you all again for all of your help!
  5. Alright, so I've never introduced myself here basically because of the fact that I do not have a BC. The main reason I joined this forum was to educate myself more on the breed before I made any decisions. A little history about myself: I am the old age of 20. I have owned dogs every second of my life, and up until three years ago I had pretty much no education on health testing, feeding good food, ect, ect. Well, because I am now a dedicated forum member to three separate boards I am learning new things every day. In the fourth grade I signed up for my first of five years with a dog 4H group which began to show me the basics of dog training and earning a relationship with your dog. During high school, I drifted more towards expanding my horse training knowledge. When my childhood dog of 12 years passed away, I was heart broken. The summer before I began college, I decided to add a dog to my little family. Harlow, now two years old, is my Boxer (even though she is attached to the hip of my hubbie, but that is another story). Eventually, we want to have a small cattle ranch, and I would like to have the dogs to work the cattle when we need to move them from pasture to pasture and such. Plus, I would like to have a dog who has the stamina and durability (and the right ventilation system) to be able to do trail rides and other activities with us. I refuse to take my Boxer on the trail with me, because even though she has the energy, it is hard for to keep up without taking breaks to get the oxygen she needs. She does much better on our walks to the lakes and bike rides where we can stop and let her chill for a bit. Also, my goal for the future is to become a Equine and Cattle Vet Tech. I will most likely be taking my dog to work with me, so I would like a dog that pretty velcro and isn't much of a wanderer, ect, ect. I know that it depends a lot on the individual dog, but I also know there are stronger urges to have a glue-like personality in different breeds. So, the point I was trying to make in this (thank you if you have stuck with my nonsense thus far) is I am having a hard time deciding between the BC and the ACD. I realize there are pros and cons to each, but I figured the best way to help my decision along would be to ask the people who live with these dogs every day. Thank you for sticking with me throughout this... I know it was kind of all over the place. Any input at all would be helpful! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  6. Oops. Sorry, that was my bad. It's a shame, he is gorgeous and sounds like an awesome dog. And I know that my Boxer would love having a friend... I am going to shoot the guy an email and see if I can't get an update on whatever happened to that young man.
  7. Male Black/Merle BC in Fort Collins, Colorado. Found him while I was browsing Craigslist... Sad. He is neutered and a little over a year. http://fortcollins.craigslist.org/pet/2926311718.html If I wasn't renting and had the place to have another dog, I would get him in a heartbeat. However, I don't so I hope someone on here knows of somebody who wants this sweet boy.
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