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Hello to everyone.


My name is Camilla and I'm owned by my 10 month old bc/dalmation mix Koda. I know, It's cheesy but entirely true. Koda is my first bc (mix). I've always admired bc at agility trials and training and obsessed about them for years while I waited for the right time to own one. After finally making the decision to commit to this intense breed, I ended up falling in love with this mixed boy who was in an unfortunate situation. He had been aquired for his looks and became too big a handful after a mere 3 weeks. I found him on his way to a shelter at two months old. He had already been given up 3 times. He is all I could have asked for in a pure bred and then some.


I myself moved to the states from Denmark in 2009. Back home I grew up with labradors and a poodle. My poodle was extremely smart and skilled at agility. He stayed with me as I moved out and reached adulthood, and I miss him dearly.


I now find myself knowing nothing about where to start at American agility. My danish club membership had a tragic end when someone decided to burn down $10,000 of equipment in the midst of night. This was six years ago, with a different dog, in a different country with different rules. I look forward to being a member of this site as I re-discover and learn the joys of training and owning a bc.


Thank you for your interest and for contributing to this great forum!

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