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  1. I like to just call Fargo's snarky smile his "hello Clarice, can you hear the lambs smile"..
  2. We dont give rawhide...to afraid of chemicals used to process them, and the potential for blockages. I rotate antlers, and rubber food stuffable toys to keep mine entertained.
  3. Glad Flint came thru it ok'
  4. Good luck Flint! Fargo was done at 3, once his health was stable enough for the procedure. He wasnt displaying male behavior, but I wanted to be 100% sure that he never passed on his disorder to pups. As for worry...I asked the vet if I could hold his paw. He did fine, a bit groggy for a day, and rather silly looking in his doughnut collar. He was on restricted activity for 7 days, hand walk..no running or jumping..we played alot of puzzle games, and practiced tricks that didnt involve sit or down.
  5. I had to stop fostering for the sanity of Fargo. He was attacked as a juvenile, and now views new dogs as dangerous. Once we work through his problems, I would love to foster again....but on a smaller and more cautious scale. I love this breed, but won't sacrifice my personal dog.
  6. Right on! Everything Maralynn said. Very well said.
  7. Careful what you wish for, my BC failed to thrive as a pup. He had trouble gaining weight...now he weighs a healthy 80 pounds, and we suspect a growth disorder...
  8. Yes! I think Nancy is on to something :-)
  9. Your dogs symptoms are an exact match to Fargo's. Blood work are always disgustingly normal , tick titers are negative, and joint taps show white blood cells. Wandering lameness, feel good.feel bad days. We have even run genetic testing.... Not even a.carrier for any know genetic forward. It is frustrating, but if you like to compare notes, or have our vets compare notes....
  10. I know this is an older thread, but I just had to say thank you!!!!! Signed up for both ;-)
  11. I get mine from Michigan antler art. He is very reasonable, and lists the chews strength on each listing. We buy elk, hard core, and they last about six months of hard chewing daily.
  12. How true with the lack of education and impulse buys. There was a good looking red BC in our store shopping with his owners. The pup was about four months old. The woman sees Fargo laying behind me, and loudly proclaims her dog better not have a coat like his, as that is what the clerk at the puppy store had told her. If that red dog was a smooth coat, Fargo is a Boston terrier. I giggled (can't blow up at the woman the way I really wanted to), and agreed with her, her pup would not have a coat like Fargo's, but a much thicker and longer coat!! She was furious, as clearly, how would I know? N
  13. Sound like the owner of Missy did not plan his trip well. If the terrain was too rough, leave the dog home with a kong, younger hiker?... leave the dog home... storm? again leave the dog home. No effort was made by this person to go get his dog. He left it there in a storm to die, and told authorities he thought it was dead. A man, in his prime, should be able to muscle a dog to saftey. I have no doubt I would never leave my dog's side. He would not leave mine and I would bestow that same gift on him. Poor dog, wish she could take that man to the mountain, remove his shoes and supplies and lea
  14. Check out Nitro's law. It is a group dedicated to making animal cruelty charges a felony.
  15. Fargo eats 1/2 Wellness Core, 1/2 Primal raw. Would prefer to feed raw full time, but my picky boy won't eat whole food raw diet, only ground frozen varieties.
  16. From an insider's point of view, the vets, particularly at Petsmart push Royal Canin, as it is one of their partners. The royal canin reps frequently give free bags/ super cheap bags of food. In addition, Banfield employees can order this stuff at cost. I don't refer people to royal canin, nothing special about it,especially for the cost! I do frequently refer to wellness (my own Bc's eat this stuff), avoderm and castor and pollux's. Those are probably the best brands Petsmart currently carries. The empployees are pushed to sell whatever brand the reps are selling that day, and frequently don'
  17. While all those pot stirring, tired old topics may get old, sometime taking another look at well covered topics will bring in new insights.
  18. Great job to both of you!! We once had a rescue Bc that after six months finally learned how to play! The smallest success can bring such joy to both dog and human
  19. Got the optigen results by e-mail today.. he was found to be normal on both, and carries neither gene!!! Now if I could just figure out how to make him feel as healthy as his tests indicate!
  20. What an adorable puppy!!!!!!!! I now have a bad case of puppy-itus. As for the Petco classes.. everyone is 100 percent correct. I have been a trainer at Petsmart for 12 years, we have some great trainers and we have some of the worst trainers. Every trainer, regardless of where they train, is an individual. As for methods that's a debate that has been ongoing since the beginning of time. Try throwing ten trainers in a small room, and ask about method.... I'm pretty sure someone would get hurt. I have strong beliefs on staying completely positive. Get to know your potential trainer and the me
  21. In the end it all comes back to the owner of the dogs. Responsibility does not end with vet care, food, and water. Training your dog properly and holding yourself responsible for your dog's actions are also part of the deal. Without making ridiculous excuses for the dog or yourself. And unfortunately, everyone on this forum probably has a horror story to match yours!It is unfortunate you have to deal with these dogs, but a small business atmosphere can be delicate.
  22. Haven't tried anything other then pred... his vet wanted to wait until we got the tns/cl results back. When I talked to her last night she had said she might want to try a different immunity drug, but normally did not like to go that route without being positive what is really wrong with Fargo. At this point I am out of tests that I am willing to put him thru and I did request once we got the results that we do try a different drug. I'll ask her if we can try that one! Thank you so much!
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