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  1. Hi, I am searching for a video I saw awhile back. It is of someone teaching the teeter. The dog is sent through a tunnel and comes out to the teeter. The teeter is set up with a white pole sticking up on both sides (like a jump under the down side of the teeter). The upside when it comes down has a table under it so that the dog hits the pivot and it stops almost immediately on the table. The table is slowly lowered but the dog has learned where the pivot point is. Does anyone know what I am talking about? I would love to see the video again. This time I am saving it. I was telling someone about it and they are interested in it. Thanks, Jerri
  2. I came across this thread by accident by a google search. I have been researching for quite sometime for my next dog which will be a border collie. I have found this thread to be so interesting! It has given me new things to consider in my decision. I haven't made it through the whole thread yet but will continue later. I agree with another poster please don't feel your post have fallen upon deaf ears. I have taken in a lot of new information! Thanks!
  3. Agree great post! I had not really known of this female/female aggression. My rat terrier female has always been very bold and bossy so to say. I have a male rat terrier also and added a female dobe. When she was between 15/18 months is when what you call snarkyness started. But I believe it has more to do with ranks in the pack. They were not allowed to work it out. The dobe is now 3 and terrier almost 10...they get along well now and are tolerant of each other. They seem to share the leadership role...at home its the dobe and when we go out its the terrier. They are never left together at home when alone...I separate them. I think it tends to depend upon the dog and their specific personality. I have heard some of the ladies at the agility field say they notice a change in their border collie bitches around 3 yrs of age. Where they really are more to themselves and dont want other dogs running up into their faces. I dont have a border collie yet. I am still deciding between another dobe or a border...doing my research. But it will be a male which ever I choose...another female will not be in the same household as my female dobe. The way she looks at another female is so different than the way she does a male.
  4. I dont have a border collie but had a very simular problem with my dobe,Kyrah. She liked people then around 15 weeks she just didnt want them reaching for her and would back up and bark. Geez...lets not even talk about someone trying to come inside. I started by trial and error and my worst error was trying to go too fast. I started by putting her in her crate when people came over which was in the dinning room. That way she could smell them for a bit before I let her out and I could give our guests the rules. When she was let out she came and sat by my side and I would tell her "greet." Which meant she would go and sniff the person and the person would ignore her totally. That meant no looking down at her, talking to her or reaching for her. Ugh...cant people follow simple instructions? Most cant. The house is still somewhat a work in progress. I wish I could get her barking to minimum or none. I taught her to down stay on a dog pillow in the living room. She is to stay there while I invite our guests in. She still barks and I allow about 2-3 and then tell her "enough." I do not release her to "greet" until she is calm. That could be a minute, 15 minutes, longer or maybe never when they are in the house. It just depends. This has worked very well for us. There is an occasional person like my daughters ex-boyfriend who she just didnt like. She would bark and bark at him. I finally had to play what I know now as "look at that game" basically I had to bribe her to give him some peace. I am sure she knew something we didnt. I also agree with what another poster said. There is a person who is no longer welcome at my house! While out and about I was very adamant about keeping distances and not letting anyone approach her directly from the front or come at her. I then started treating her for looking at people. The employees at Petco were a tremendous help. I then up'd the criteria to her touching the person with her nose and treated. Then I up'd it to her basically putting her head under their hand and treated. My girl is very food motivated so it was a great response. Durning this process I purchased the book Control Unleashed. Ah..the game "look at that!" I clicker trained "look" and the game took a new meaning once I knew how to play it. I learned not to care what people thought I would cut them off in a heart beat, walk directly in front of them as they approached and tell them she doesnt like to be petted. She is much better and its not the issue it used to be. I still do not let people just randomly approach her it is on our terms or not at all. Most people when we are out are shocked when I tell them she can be/was reactive. She is very well behaved and when we go to busy places she doesnt mind so much about people touching her. I assume she is focusing on so many things. One thing that most people dont understand when I try to tell them about this whole process is that it took a long time to accomplish. It wasnt a week, a month or 6 months. It was closer to a year or more. So IMO just go slow and dont expect miracles to happen over night. Also remember the more she reacts the more the behavior is enforced so try to keep it to minimum.
  5. I built all of my agility equipment myself except for the tunnel. I believe it is cheaper. The jumps are extrememly easy with the exception of the jump cups. Next time I might try and purchase those. Someone said you can find them on ebay but I have yet to.
  6. Really enjoyed the video! Looks like fun!
  7. I am curious. How common is this in the breed? In your opinion would you say that a majority of BC have seizures? Is this a treatable thing? I am assuming that they could die during any of these seizures. If anyone doesnt mind please kinda explain to me what the dog does during a seizure. Is it like a person having one?
  8. I just wanted to say hi! I joined the forum to browse around and learn as much as I can about the border collie. We are thinking of adding one to our family in the future. I currenlty own 2 rat terriers and 1 doberman. I am active with my dogs and would plan on being so with any future additions. I am around people who have border collies so I am not coming in blindly. But I still want to learn more before adding one. Thanks for having me!
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