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  1. Thanks for your thoughtful responses.
  2. The sheep are very dogged and heavy at times. So i went out and worked today. I used all your suggestions. The dog responded well and the issue resolved. So i think there were a few things goin on that caused this to start. Changing the sheep around, changing the outrun seemed to help alot. I also decided to not get on the dog for stopping at the the top. But let the dog just keep goin on as long as the sheep wasnt racing. And this seemed to give the dog some momentum. So this leads me to my next question. Is it possible that i came down too hard and broke some of my dog
  3. Well amanda now im scared...my dog is under 2 yr old and this is all recent goings on so im hoping she works through this with your suggestions.
  4. i was trying to fix my dogs outrun...coming in a little flat at the top and lying down so as to not lift the sheep too fast. I thought things were working fairly well but a new problem developed. My dog will sometimes lie down on its own and stop short on the top of its outrun...like 10 or 11 o'clock. so how much do i worry about this? how to fix?
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