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  1. Hello! This is my first post, but i have been watching this community for a long time, you all have been incredibly helpful! I have a 7 year old BC male who is just an incredible animal. Extreme focus and obedience, he is very well mannered and a great temperament. Early on, i had him by myself living in a small condo witha tiny yard, i had the dog door allow access to his crate so he could come inside and cool off without destroying the house. He still tore up the yard quite a bit, but i was working so much that i couldn't fault him for being bored. Around 2.5 years and he began to seizure, we had him on meds to help it, but ultimately i thought it best to send him to my father's place where he has 15 acres and 2 other dogs. He has since stopped seizuring, but i miss my boy! I'm now married, and living in a much larger house with a slightly larger yard. I've commented to my wife a number of times how i miss my BC so she decided to surprise me with a new BC puppy. Unfortunately i work even longer hours now, but she has been able to take him to her work during the day. Well recently he has been too out of control at her work so she can't take him anymore. We are now in a situation where our 6 mo BC male has to stay at home during work hours. I am uncomfortable crating him all day because i think 8 hours of crate during work and another 8 at night is excessive for this breed. Shes uncomfortable leaving him in the yard where he will destroy things. I take him running for a mile in the morning, and most days an additional mile in the evening, plus he goes to class on tuesday for obedience. I am hoping you all might have suggestions on how we can better manage the situation, i'm starting to feel like we are not being very fair to our pup
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