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  1. Huck is good at his goose chase, he is very good at chasing after an errant bicyclist or jogger as well I need to be able to control his diverted attention to another fast moving object that is in his "work Area". I know this can be trained out of him, and I do use the check cord and commands, but I am new to handling and he is new to me and the site Aug '11. I need to find a good trainer/behaviorist in the Massachusetts area. We are also getting Swans to help with the geese problem, and he will need to distinguish between them. To assist in his chase, I have employed a RC Boat, so he doesn't have to swim in vain, the boat pushes the birds on to him as he swims, then he can "get them up". If on land he chases the bird, which tend to land back in the water, the boat helps break the cycle. Once the Swans have established territory they will protect it against the Geese (in theory). Being a large in-use cemetery, in Boston, there is plenty of habitat, visitors (distractions)and being able to control Huck for his effectiveness and the safety of all is paramount. He is a good goose dog and I need to be trained as well in handleing. Please recommend a good trainer in the Massachusetts area. Thanks, Richard Carey
  2. My partner Huck is approximately 1.5 yrs old, we are new together (Aug. 2011). He is a working Goose Dog (Kuykendall Kennels NC, and works with me at an urban cemetery in Boston (300 acres)He is very effective at his job, although he will break after bicyclists and joggers and disregard his call-off command. This frightens me (not to mention the bicyclists or joggers, and I don't want to see anyone get hurt including Huck. Does anyone have any advice to correct this behavior or suggestions on reenforcing his commands; Which are: That'll Do, Here, Down amongst others. I have been thinking about also introducing whistle commands to the mix, maybe to "penetrate the surrounding noise, commotion and grab his attention at a distance. I am a new handler and this is my first BC. Other than that we are closely bonded. He also doesn't like it when people approach a vehicle (golf cart or truck)in which he is sitting when we are out and about the property. thanks, Rich Email me
  3. I have A BC partner Huck, who works with me everyday in an urban cemetery for Canada Geese control, he uses the basic commands "walk-up" "Get-in" "here" "That'll Do" "Come-by" "Away form Me" "Load-up". He is a young BC about 1.5 years old, he loves the "bird work", although I am having trouble with his behavior when it comes to bicycles and joggers that happen upon us when we are working, he will break-off and run toward the "Moving Objects" without regard for the recall command and this worries me and as a new handler I an not sure how to correct this behavior. I do not want to see anyone get hurt including my dog.
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