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  1. Thanks for all the great advice! I plan on taking her back to classes soon, and will definitely use these tips. I have noticed that once she messes something up, she stresses about it and begins visiting. She loves jumping and the tunnels and stresses over the weaves, the teeter, and 2o2o. She loves the contact equipment except the fact that she has to stop at the bottom. Her side lines games have always been tugging and giving her tons of treats for ignoring everything around her. And then I'd always give her a back rub, she ADORES that.
  2. I think with the reward at the trial, I think you could be right with the fact that she is looking else where for a reward. When she was younger, up until she was probably 3, anytime she'd run off to the people and jump into their laps, they would play with her and grab her until I got to her. Our kennel club no longer does this, but she's done it ever since. I do make a big deal when she comes to me and give her lots of treats and praise. At home, toys work great with training, but as soon as I go to classes or the trials, even her favorite toys aren't important to her. Even after she does stay and I do reward her, she'll still try to run off.
  3. Cressa: Angel's always ran off to visit people. Over the past 5 years, she has always ran off to visit people. The local kennel club at the time was fairly new to agility so when she did run off and jumped into people's laps, they would play with them, 'rewarding' them for running off. It could be stress-related, but I'm really not sure. SecretBC: She always has her eyes on me at home. In classes, her focus has improved a lot from when we first started training. She'd stay with me through several short sequences and get greatly rewarded for them. As with play, she has her select toys around the yard she can play with. When i have a toy, she does want to play with me, but she will run away from me when she does get the toy. I'll usually end the game with her. Angel was also my first agility dog as well. I know there were a lot of mistakes I had trained with her that are going to be hard to fix. Here's the link to her second trial ever, day 2. One of my agility instructors asked me to wait for her to come back to me, instead of running after her.
  4. It's not necessary that she doesn't come to me when called, it's that, let's say, when I take her over a serious of jumps, she will stop listening to my commands and leaves to find someone to visit.
  5. I've been training my first border collie for the last 5 years and have always encountered the same problem with a lack of focus. My instructors and I have tried several different methods to keep her interested in me. We've tried making me seem more interesting, having the people ignore her, rewarding her for staying with me. I have even taken her to focus seminars and worked with them constantly and it still didn't work well. We did manage to get focus on me most of the time by keeping a lot of handler focus in a course. For a while is seemed to work until I took her to her first few trials. She ran and visited everyone in the ring and would not stay with me no matter what I tried to do. I didn't chase and I called her name, but she still insisted to run out the ring to visit the crowd. I stopped working with her for a while now, but I don't want to give up on her. She's great at what she does, when she wants to do it. I hope someone as some advice that might help on keeping focus on me and not everything around her.
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