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  1. Let me clarify, my dogs were "concerned" at a younger age- lay in a dark corner, under a bed, but not visibly shaken. But then years later leading to digging the carpet, jumping in the bathtub, panting, drooling, jumping at a window to get out, etc . Very different scenario. K.
  2. I will be needing meds or melatonin for my guy next year. He was fine till last year and is now progressively worse with fireworks and thunderstorms. He will dig the carpet, walls, drool, and scratch the in the bathtub. I don’t want him to hurt himself, I crated for the first time and he tried to dig his way out. Very upsetting to see. I now live in the suburbs and fireworks are not just a one night thing. On a side note, having border collies since the early 80’s and have had a few. I noticed they all don't start being concerned or overly anxious till after 8 years old. ( at least mine) My guy now is 12 and only the last 2 years started having problems. Kate
  3. Not here to start a “vaccine controversy” Just telling my story. For others reading this that have concerns, there are other options for healing. As I said in my post “I’m not against vaccines, just the amount given”, there is no study according to my vets that dictate how much – how often – it is guess work. each of our pets are individuals, just like us, we all react differently to things. I ended up in the hospital after taking the over the counter Aleve, others take it, no problem. We all react differently, our dogs are no different. My dog had severe grand mal seizures. - 3 times the day after vaccines. I’m over the moon happy he is seizure free for 5 years! I just thought I’d share my “happy story” !
  4. Hello, I just wanted to pass on some interesting findings on a recent titer. I have my dog Rudy titered because he had severe seizures after rabies vaccine. – several times. While there, at the vets request we decided to titer a few other things, heartworm, distemper, lyme, lepto, parvo, rabies. His distemper & lepto immunities were a high level – despite not having these since he was a year old, he is now almost 12. All other titers were adequate protection and no booster required. ( we’ve been following Dr. Jean Dodd's protocol since he was a pup) Again, this made me re-think vaccines. Not against them, but the amount we put in our dogs over the years, may cause some dogs harm. According to my vet, there is no study indicating vaccines need to be given every year, every 3 years etc. (except rabies by law according to states) I’m not at all against vaccines, but more is not usually better. I now have a Rabies health waver if needed. My border collie started having grand mal seizures when he was 5 years old, usually 2 a month. In stead of just putting him on epilepsy meds, I went to a holistic practitioner. He found he had high level metals. Vaccine related? – probably, we don’t know for sure. He’s been on supplements the last 5 1/2 years with NO seizures. We go for a re-check every 4 months and supplements are adjusted to his body changes. There’s many different ways to look at disease and healing. Kate My wonderful seizure free boy Rudy at 11 years.
  5. Cleaning house; free VHS ( if anyone still has those!) The Shepherd's pup volume 1 & 2 by Dereck Scrimgeour email me Thanks, Kate
  6. After attending obedience trials for 20 years and seeing the breed ring right next to it. I was sick of seeing taped ears on those poor dogs - any dogs! They clearly hated it. Don't do it! No, it has NO advantage to working sheep.
  7. Yes, even sweet pretty little shelties can bite. A friend of mine been doing sheltie rescue for 20 years has run into some. Recently a sheltie bit a child requiring intensive surgery to the face. No, they don't have the massive bite and mouth of other breeds, but they still can do damage. bites happen with any breed.
  8. My Veterinarian moved to New Zealand from the states and she said everyone calls her by her first name, as well as her co- worker vets. She said it's the same in schools too, first name basis. She really likes it, doesn't make anyone feel inferior, and much more personal. k
  9. Start with short times, like going to the store. I always have a routine, take for a walk, a little play and potty first. short duration's. I always say "I'll see you soon" or something to that effect that they"know" the message. I gradually left for longer periods. When I would go to work, I would leave in the kitchen with a crate door open and plenty of toys to keep them occupied. I would come home on my lunch hour and go for a walk and play. Soon I started leaving free after lunch, then later the whole house all day. Little by little I fully trusted my guys ( I've had a few border collies ) I only had a one that liked waste basket tissue's, ( liked to shread them) - no big deal, just put the baskets up. I never had any horror stories. start slow, going to a neighbor, store, stay with a routine, say the same commands. If you have a camcorder, you could set it up. I did that with my last dog and was surprised he howled for a few minutes after we left. 7-8 months is generally the time when I started leaving them loose. I am not a fan of crating all day. good luck
  10. I don't crate my adult dogs. All my dogs were crate trained as puppy's and at night. Around 6 months they are given free access to the house with supervision. Eventually, when fully trusted, without. I've left puppies in the kitchen while at work during the day with access to a crate. I'd come home at lunch for feeding, walk, play and then crated 2 hours till I came home. "I" never felt comfortable crating a puppy or adult dog all day unless recuperating from illness or surgery. I've had several adult females at one time and I managed them while away without a crate. I know my dogs would hate being crated all day. That's just my opinion.
  11. Why can't you manage your dog? I recently had a holiday gathering with small children. MY older border collie really isn't interested in them anymore. I would not subject him to "possible" incident. Our dog was part of our celebration, with me supervising, then put in a room with a bone and toy. He was treated to a special walk after company left. I've managed dogs like this my whole life ( I'm old now) It can be done. You may be up set with what happened, but really think about this. A 9 year old dog that is part of your family, you want to let go? This breaks my heart. The situation your dog was in, would of been too much stimulus for any of my best behaved, trust worthy border collies. I've had several dogs in my life that I managed quite well that didn't like children. All the dogs were socialized with children, but for whatever reason didn't like them. So, manage your dog. supervise, there is nothing wrong with putting your dog in a room while children are visiting. You're planing a family of your own someday, it still can be done. Please re-think this. Best of luck to you kate
  12. My first border collie I got in 1983 lived 1 month short of her 18th birthday. She lived well I might add, to the end. Still jumping on the bed and going for short walks. Her hearing was bad and relied on the other dogs for sounds and "whats going on." She was on a home made diet since 9 months of age, and had limited vaccinations. I don't know if that contributed or not. All my other border collies lived 15 to 16 age with the same diet and health needs. None of my dogs got cancer or had any problems. I don't know if I just got lucky or what.
  13. Why is so important to you to keep calling people out on ego? What does it really matter to you? I don't have the time to post, usually. But I do a quick read weekly. I didn't compete for "my" ego. My dogs loved being away from home, spending time with me, whether it be at sheep dog trial, or other competitions. They loved the companionship with other dogs, people, getting some junk food, traveling to a new place, just the excitement of the day, and enjoying an activity. My last old gal, wasn't ever going to put on a sparkling performance, but "she" loved it. Because of all the reasons above, not going to get that at home. Maybe you are driven by ego, but many of us are not.
  14. The difference being, having a dog that is nervous - scared of noises, thunder storms, gun shots etc. Having the ability to control them to a degree that lessens the severity, whether its drugs, crating, a safe hiding place etc. The other extreme is having a dog go through a glass window, running away with broken limbs, running off at a trial field down a four lane highway. No drugs, crating, conditioning helps...at all.
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