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  1. She weighs 31lbs now and stands about knee level to me, maybe a little shorter. When she barks its kind of like a very short howl but sometimes it sounds like a normal dog bark. I have no idea how to explain it . Let me tell you though, she has the BC stare and she loves to herd me.
  2. Thanks . Everyone stops and wants to pet her, lol. I need to get some new pictures of her, most of those are from a month ago. She has grown a lot since then.
  3. So Willow is a mutt which I love because she is unique. The rescue said she was a BC/ Corgi mix but the more she grows I'm wondering if they were correct. I think she looks like she may have hound in her because she is very long. What are your guesses?
  4. I have looked into raw but it's not for me but TY for the suggestion. I ended up getting Innova large bites for her, I did not get the puppy kibble as a few people suggested. Now I just need to figure out how much to feed her. Can anyone tell me how much to feed a 32 pound puppy? Don't worry, I'm going to transition her to the new food slowly. Thank you!
  5. I do not need to lower the PH , I just needed to find a food that keeps urine at a 7 PH (neutral). I have asked about cranberry but the vet said there is no need if I find the right food which I have found a few. I just wanted to see what Protein you all feed. My apologies if It didn't come out that way in my original post.
  6. Thank you Mara Yes, I have asked my vet but they do not know of any foods with the PH of 7 or below (except for the prescription diet). I however have contacted and found a few foods that Willow can have thankfully (Innova, California Natural, Pro Plan). But of course there are many different protein sources to choose from like Lamb, Chicken, Turkey and Red Meat. I am just now trying to figure out which protein I should get.
  7. I know I must be annoying by now, I apologize in advance... I am sooo confused on what Protein I should be feeding my puppy. I have decided on either Chicken or Lamb but I do not know what is better... I have read that lamb is harder to digest then chicken but Lamb is better for there skin and coat? Anyone have any opinions on this? Thank you!
  8. Amy - What is the good ratio of fat and protein? I never knew that Puppy food would do this!! So glad I asked.... I think I may try out Purina Pro Plan chicken and rice or lamb and rice... It's in my budget and my Aunt feeds it to her show dogs (she owns Sheltie's ). All of there coats are beautiful and they are very healthy, she also has many champions. My parents are tying to get me to buy Gravy Train or Dog Chow, that is not happening!! I just want a food I don't have to worry about feeding her that I can afford.
  9. Does anyone know any foods with the 7 PH or lower? I want to start feeding her a puppy food ASAP. Thank you!
  10. I'm so excited, Willow's urine test came back negative for the Brushite Crystals . She was on the Royal Canin SO diet for a month and her and I both disliked it. The food helped with the crystals but it did nothing for her skin and coat which is now dull and straw like. The vet said it has nothing to do with the food but IMO i think it was. Anyways... Now that I can finally start transitioning Willow back over to a normal puppy food again, what should I get? The vet said I should look for foods that will help her PH stay at 7. Of course I am having a hard time finding anything about PH levels in dog food, any suggestions? I had just switched Willow to Nutro puppy lamb and rice before all of this happened. The vet is saying it was probably from the TOTW I was feeding her prior to the Nutro because of the high protein. Thank you!
  11. So I was reading up on some different things and would LOVE all your opinions... I have been looking around at what flea preventative is best and I just seen something called Comfortis, is this any good for BC's and does it work well? Also what vaccines do you give you BC's? Willow just got the main shots this year but now I've been reading that I should have gotten her other shots like the one for Lepto? She does go to the dog park and have caught her a few times drinking out of the standing water. I of course don't want her to but she runs so darn fast to catch her before she does. Thank you!
  12. See my parents; especially my dad gets upset with me that I crate Willow. He thinks it’s cruel and I hear it constantly from him when he sees me. He keeps telling me dogs are meant to roam and protect not to be locked up. I always felt the same way since we never ever locked our dogs up growing up and they learned in the matter of weeks. I have had Willow for a little over 3 months now (she is 7 months old) and I feel she should know that going potty inside is bad. How do you know when there ready to be outside the crate when your not home? O and I love the fact that the rescue I adopted her from said she was potty trained!
  13. I took the bells down and so far so good. It was funny, she was looking for them after I took them down, haha. I have been taking her out every 1-2 hours since taking them away. Of course she still sits at the door when she wants "outside time". I try to ignore it and go on with what ever I am doing. Since we are on the subject... I would really love to let Willow have the run of the house when I am not home instead of the crate (which I still am not a huge fan of). I have tried numerous times to let her have the run of at least the kitchen and would leave her about an hour. I come home and she peed, I never had an issue with my other dogs growing up. Any suggestions on what I can do? I know she can hold it, she holds it while I'm at work in her crate and when we go to bed about 8hrs. I do not put her in the crate at night, she sleeps on her bed in my bedroom. She is awesome other then this issue, for some reason she doesn't want to hold it while I'm not home... Thank you
  14. She is only crated when I'm not home so she doesn't destroy the house. I would love to know a different way then too put her in the crate when she doesn't potty. In my mind it seems like she would think she was punished for ringing the bell. I don't want to discourage her from telling me she does have to potty and starts to pee in the house again. But that you for the suggestion I may just take down the bells and see if that helps. I will take her out every hour or so on the leash and if she doesn't go potty within 5 minutes I will bring her back inside.
  15. LOL and the bell noise is loud!! She hits the bell so hard with her nose, sometimes picks it up and drops it too and she doesn't stop until I come over or I ignore her for about 5 minutes, which is sooo hard!!
  16. I have taught Willow to ring the bell by the door when she needs to do her business outside which has been working fantastic but lately she rings it just because she wants to go outside!! How do I discourage her from doing this? How do i teach her that the bell is only to be rang when she has to potty? I would love to let her out every time she hits the bell because she wants to go out to play but I live on the second floor of an apartment so It's is a pain to bring her out every 15-30 minutes when she rings the bell. She gets 2 walks a day and free run in a yard during the week and I bring her for LONG walks on the weekends (usually dog parks and trails). I have a porch and let her go out there sometimes just so she can be outside instead of me going all the way down stairs (not to potty, just for fresh air). Any advices would be appreciated!! Thank you
  17. Willow has been some new things lately, is this something you BC's do? If she see's another dog that she wants to meet and play with she crouches down until the dog gets closer and then she pounces, lol. The other thing she does is the "bull". She will kick her back and front legs like a charging bull and kicks grass and dirt everywhere. I think it's funny, she does it constantly now especially after she goes to the bathroom or she wants me to play.
  18. Wow, your are all so hopefully, thank you!!! I love this dog so much and want to do what is best for her. I will keep her on the Royal Canin and really try to over look the ingredients. Now when you say distilled water, can I just use one of those Brita Filter's?
  19. Rufftie - Thank you Sue R - She is being fed Royal Canin SO right now for the crystals. I really hate the food because the ingredients are all fillers and by-products. I was feeding her TOTW when I first got her but her tummy could not handle it, then I switched her to Nutro lamb and rice puppy which she was doing fantastic on. I could never stomach raw diet as I do not eat much meat myself. I would love it if someone had any suggestions about what I could do to help with the crystals. Someone else on another forum suggested I get Urocit-K pills instead of using the Vet food.
  20. I am new to the forum as you can see. I adopted a 6 month old BC/ Corgi Mix from TN named Willow 2 months ago and she is awesome. I would really like to learn more about the breed and talk to other BC owners. She was suppose to be a sick free pup when I got her but she ended up having so many problems (Demodex mange, UTI and now she has Brushite Crystals in her urine), I feel so bad for her. The rescue said they would take her back but I would do no such thing. Willow is part of my family now, even if it means me eating ramen noodles for a couple weeks to pay her bills, lol. Willow was not trained at all when I got her either but she is very smart and catches onto things fast. The only part I am struggling with is her coming to me when called and being left alone in the apartment without her being in the crate. I am sure I will learn much here, it's great to meet you all .
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